Ansible Role Borgbackup

Ansible role to set up Borg and Borgmatic
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Ansible Role: BorgBackup Client

Test Ansible Galaxy

Set up encrypted, compressed and deduplicated backups using BorgBackup and Borgmatic. Currently supports Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora, Archlinux and Manjaro.

Works great with - Simple and Secure Hosting for your Borg Repositories. To manage BorgBase repos via Ansible, also see Andy Hawkins' BorgBase Collection.

Main features

  • Install Borg and Borgmatic from PyPi or distro packages
  • Set up Borgmatic config
  • Schedule regular backups using Cron or Systemd timer

Breaking changes

  • Older versions of this role set up a separate Cron job for creating and checking backups. With recent Borgmatic version, this feature is now managed in Borgmatic. As a result the extra Cron job will be removed by this role.
  • Older versions of this role only supported Cron for scheduling. If you use Systemd timers, be sure to remove the Cron job in /etc/cron.d/borgmatic first. The role will also alert you when trying to use both timers.

Example playbook with root as backup user and Cron timer

- hosts: all
  - role: borgbase.ansible_role_borgbackup
    borg_encryption_passphrase: CHANGEME
      - ssh://[email protected]/./repo
      - /var/www
      - echo "`date` - Starting backup."
      - name: users
        port: 5433

Example playbook with service user and Systemd timer

- hosts: all
  - role: borgbase.ansible_role_borgbackup
    borg_encryption_passphrase: CHANGEME
    borg_repository: ssh://[email protected]/./repo
    borgmatic_timer: systemd
    borg_user: "backupuser"
    borg_group: "backupuser"
      - /var/www
      keep_hourly: 3
      keep_daily: 7
      keep_weekly: 4
      keep_monthly: 6


Download from Ansible Galaxy

$ ansible-galaxy install borgbase.ansible_role_borgbackup

Clone latest version from Github

$ git clone roles/ansible_role_borgbackup

Role Variables

Required Variables

  • borg_repository: Full path to repository. Your own server or repo. Can be a list if you want to backup to multiple repositories.

Optional Variables

  • borg_dep_packages: Dependency Packages to install borg(backup) and borgmatic.

  • borg_distro_packages: contains the names of distributions packages for borg(backup) and borgmatic, only used if borg_install_method is set to package.

  • borg_encryption_passcommand: The standard output of this command is used to unlock the encryption key.

  • borg_encryption_passphrase: Password to use for repokey or keyfile. Empty if repo is unencrypted.

  • borg_exclude_from: Read exclude patterns from one or more separate named files, one pattern per line.

  • borg_exclude_patterns: Paths or patterns to exclude from backup. See official documentation for more.

  • borg_install_method: By default pip is used to install borgmatic. To install via your distributions package manager set this to package and (if needed) overwrite the borg_distro_packages variable to contain your distributions package names required to install borgmatic. Note that many distributions ship outdated versions of borgbackup and borgmatic; use at your own risk.

  • borg_require_epel: When using borg_install_method: package on RHEL-based distributions, the EPEL repo is required. To disable the check (e.g. when using a custom mirror instead of the epel-release package), set this to false. Defaults to {{ ansible_os_family == 'RedHat' and ansible_distribution != 'Fedora' }} (i.e. true on Enterprise Linux-based distros).

  • borg_lock_wait_time: Config maximum seconds to wait for acquiring a repository/cache lock. Defaults to 5 seconds.

  • borg_one_file_system: Don't cross file-system boundaries. Defaults to true

  • borg_pip_packages: Dependancy Packages (pip) to install borg(backup) and borgmatic.

  • borg_remote_path: Path to the borg executable on the remote. It will default to borg.

  • borg_remote_rate_limit: Remote network upload rate limit in kiBytes/second.

  • borg_retention_policy: Retention policy for how many backups to keep in each category (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

  • borg_source_directories: List of local folders to back up. Default is /etc/hostname to prevent an empty backup.

  • borg_ssh_key_name: Name of the SSH public and pivate key. Default id_ed25519

  • borg_ssh_key_file_path: SSH-key to be used. Default ~/.ssh/{{ borg_ssh_key_name }}

  • borg_ssh_key_type: The algorithm used to generate the SSH private key. Choose: rsa, dsa, rsa1, ecdsa, ed25519. Default: ed25519

  • borg_ssh_command: Command to use instead of just "ssh". This can be used to specify SSH options.

  • borg_version: Force a specific borg version to be installed

  • borg_venv_path: Path to store the venv for borg(backup) and borgmatic

  • borgmatic_check_last: Number of archives to check. Defaults to 3

  • borgmatic_checks: List of consistency checks. Defaults to monthly checks. See docs for all options.

  • borgmatic_config_name: Name to use for the Borgmatic config file. Defaults to config.yaml

  • borgmatic_timer_hour: Hour when regular create and prune cron/systemd-timer job will run. Defaults to {{ 6 | random }}

  • borgmatic_timer_minute: Minute when regular create and prune cron/systemd-timer job will run. Defaults to {{ 59 | random }}

  • borgmatic_hooks: Hooks to monitor your backups e.g. with Healthchecks. See official documentation for more.

  • borgmatic_timer: If the variable is set, a timer is installed. A choice must be made between cron and systemd.

  • borgmatic_relocated_repo_access_is_ok: Bypass Borg error about a repository that has been moved. Defaults to false

  • borgmatic_store_atime: Store atime into archive. Defaults to true

  • borgmatic_store_ctime: Store ctime into archive. Defaults to true

  • borgmatic_version: Force a specific borgmatic version to be installed

  • borg_user: Name of the User to create Backups (service account)

  • borg_group: Name of the Group to create Backups (service account)


Pull requests (PR) are welcome, as long as they add features that are relevant for a meaningful number of users. All PRs are tested for style and functionality. To run tests locally (needs Docker):

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
$ molecule test




© 2018-2023 Manuel Riel and contributors.

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