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These are my dotfiles—various config files and scripts that I like to carry with me between machines.

Things are mostly written by me unless indicated otherwise; feel free to steal anything you like whole or in part.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome; the best way to do this is probably just adding an issue.


If you aren't me, I don't recommend installing and using these directly—everything in this repo is very specific to my own workflow, languages I use, projects I've worked on, places I've worked etc., and will also change without warning—instead just steal the bits you like and which are relevant to you.

If you are me, or you just want to ignore this and try things out locally:

  1. Install Linux, preferably Arch, and preferably via ArchLabs (setting things up on other OSes/distros will vary).

  2. Do the following:

mkdir -p ~/src/bobwhitelock
cd !$
git clone [email protected]:bobwhitelock/dotfiles.git

cd dotfiles
vim zsh/ # And appropriately set any needed secret env vars.
source zshrc

# Everything below definitely won't work if you aren't me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

# Copy over private files, SSH keys, AWS credentials etc.

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa.bob
clone bobwhitelock/dotfiles-private

# Need to re-install to link in private files.

  1. Fix the things which will probably break/be incomplete in the above, and update steps for next time.
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