Blogifier is an open-source publishing platform Written in ASP.NET and Blazor WebAssembly. With Blogifier make a personal blog or a website.
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Blogifier is a self-hosted open source publishing platform written in ASP.NET and Blazor WebAssembly. It can be used to quickly and easily set up a lightweight, but fully functional personal or group blog.

English |


Currently built from source [Not Released]

Can build in windows linux not tested on macOS, I prefer to deploy tests in docker.

native build

  1. Download .NET 7.0 SDK Choose to install the system version on your host. Download Nodejs 14 and above and install it on your host. For linux you can use the package management tool
  2. Navigate to the project root directory, run ./publish.cmd on the command line in widnows, run sh ./ on the command line in linux.
  3. When the command execution is complete and there are no errors, you will see the dist folder in the project root directory, which is the application after publishing. You can copy it to run anywhere. In windows, you can directly click to run the dist folder Blogifier.exe , in linux, please authorize the executable permission of the Blogifier binary file first and then click or run it on the command line. [note] Because the app_data directory does not exist in the release, an error may occur when the program starts. Just start it again.
  4. Then you can open localhost:5000 with your browser
  5. Done, enjoy.

docker build

First of all, please make sure that docker, docker-compose has been installed in your host.

  1. Navigate to the project root directory Run the docker-compose up -d command, wait a while ...
  2. Then you can open localhost:8080 with your browser
  3. Done, enjoy.

Versions before 3.0

Steps to install compiled application on the server for a self-hosting:

  1. .NET Core Runtime (currently 7.0) must be installed on your host server.
  2. Download the latest release.
  3. Unzip and copy to your host server.
  4. Restart your website.
  5. Open your website and only the first time you'll be redirected to the register page.
  6. Register, and then log in.
  7. Done, enjoy.


If you want to customize the Blogifier, or contribute:

  1. Download and Install .NET SDK.
  2. Download and Install NodeJs.
  3. Download, fork, or clone the repository.
  4. Open the project with your favorite IDE (VS Code, Visual Studio, Atom, etc).
  5. Run the app with your IDE or these commands:
$ cd /your-local-path/Blogifier/src/Blogifier/
$ dotnet run

Then you can open localhost:5000 with your browser


The current Blogifier is not perfect enough, blog software pursues perfect functions and easy to use, maybe wordpress is more suitable, relatively speaking, this project still lacks many functions. The latest version has not been released yet, and the current project is more suitable for developers to build and use by themselves. We can work together Improvement, implement a blog system completely implemented by dotnet technology. Faster, simpler, and smaller.

You can first propose functions in issues and develop them in pull requests, so that you can track the development progress. Everyone is welcome to participate in the development together. Let's learn and explore the latest technology of dotnet together.


@dorthl   @farzindev   @rxtur

Copyright and License

Code released under the MIT License. Docs released under Creative Commons.
Copyright 20172023 Blogifier

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