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Motoro blockchain IoT

Smart contracts for decentralized rentals of vehicles.

Motoro blockchain IoT the future of transportation

Our goal

To research and develop an infrastructure for decentralized (peer-to-peer) rentals of motorised machines.

We create the DApps (decentralized applications) for blockchain, to use as agreement templates and for processing transactions for vehicle rentals, trade, services. We integrate the machines we use for transportation and work in the physical world using IoT embedded systems. Our aim is to achieve a trust-less, decentralized consensus.

We develop the infrastructure as libraries and modular smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain, with an API in Solidity and Node.js and an interface in React. We aim to provide an end-to-end solution – blockchain through software to hardware.

The goal is support local machine owners and renters, leverage existing machines and make it easier to access direct machine rentals. Read more about it in our article Motoro – blockchain IoT the future of transportation. We build on popular open source projects, such as the Truffle suite and OpenZeppelin smart contracts. We will support the startups which want to use Motoro blockchain IoT.

Current state

March 2018

  • Merged in the vehicle registration procedure PR by @koscielnik
  • Merged in the initial DApp UI interface for Machine Owner registration by @ocet
  • Refactore the DApp's structure completely
  • Updated Issue and Pull Request templates

February 2018

Added another Smart Contract, fully tested, which can be used for selling and re-selling products and services. Blockchain IoT workshop in Campus Warsaw, Zabkowska 33C in Warsaw, Poland, on 20 February 2018 at 6.30 pm.

January 2018

We have prototypes of two crucial Smart Contracts, for (1) registering owners and new machines and (2) renting out motorcycles.

November 2017

The current state of the project is that we have an initial Dapp, which includes Smart Contracts, a Node.js build script, a React front-end, and a few tests. The Smart Contract allow for new machines to signup, and assign a counter to every machine. The idea for this prototype is to increment the counter, every time the machine (motorcycle) is started – basically an ignition counter.

Local development

local Etherum blockchain – Ganache

For development, we will use the personal Ethereum blockchain, with a really handy GUI: Ganache. Please download the app from Ganache @ Truffle Framework and then just start it. We use port 7545 for local development.

Truffle suite

The full-stack DApp uses Truffle React box.

npm i -g truffle

Set up local repo

Basically just git clone the repo, and install its dependencies:

git clone
cd blockchain-IoT-core
npm i

Compile and migrate the contracts

compile the contracts:

truffle compile

migrate them to the local Ethereum node:

truffle migrate

Start the DApp

run the Node.js / React front-end:

npm start

and check that it all works, by accessing the frontend through http://localhost:3000.

UPDATE new tutorial series – Ethereum Development Walkthrough


Please refer to the Contributing guidelines for this project.


Realtime communication happens on Slack

Task communication happens here, through Issues. We use a Kanban board, available under the Project tab.


If you did not get an invitation, please reach out to Michal, michal.mikolajczyk at

Whitepaper draft

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