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Make Error Cause

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Make your own nested errors.


  • Compatible with node.js and browsers
  • Works with instanceof
  • Automatic full stack traces in node.js (supports inspect())
  • Output full stack trace with fullStack(err)
  • Extends make-error


npm install make-error-cause --save


import { BaseError, fullStack } from "make-error-cause";

class CustomError extends BaseError {
  constructor(message, cause) {
    super(message, cause);

const error = new Error("Boom!");
const customError = new CustomError("Another boom!", error);

console.log(customError); // Automatically prints full stack trace using `fullStack(this)`.
console.log(customError.cause); // Check causes via the `.cause` property.

console.log(customError instanceof Error); //=> true


Inspired by verror, and others, but created lighter and without core dependencies for browser usage.

Other references:


Apache 2.0

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