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CodeIgniter Skeleton

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A CodeIgniter starter kit with lots of add-ons to give you a head start when developing web application.

What Does Contain?

The most important thing added to CodeIgniter is the plugins features, with filters and actions just like WordPress. But here is a list of main features:

  • Application-free themes that can handle their own assets and have independent actions on the application. No need to handle themes on Controllers except for rendering views, settings pages titles and data to pass to views.
  • Plugins system where you can install, upload, activate, deactivate and delete plugins, just like WordPress, Joomla! and others.
  • Modules management where you can as well install, activate, deactivate and delete modules.
  • Themes management system.
  • Users management.
  • An application-free and ready-to-use dashboard.
  • Multiple application contexts: ajax, process, content, help, reports and settings.
  • Themes-free authentication and registration as well as independent dashboard login page.
  • Multilingual support.

Why a ready-to-use database

Our database contains 9 required tables and a single optional table (sessions). With only these table you can create any type of web application. See Development Logic on project Wiki.


If you want to try it before using it and contributing to it, you can visit the demo:

Don't forget to contribute if you please! If you have any suggestions, let me know and please, don't forget that I am human, I am not perfect, I DO mistakes, lots of mistakes! So if you find any issues, just let me know and feel free to suggest any changes and enhancements.


Make sure to read our Wiki. They are not complete but they should be as soon as possible.

How does it cost?

I was not really going to share this at all! I built if for my own personal use, then I was told to sell it. Well, I am not selling it, I am releasing it for free, but your donations are most welcome if you want to. You can send any amount you want to help me keep this project up and enhance it as much as I can.

Donate (PayPal): bkader[at]mail[dot]com
Bitcoin: 1CZa1d4qBA2M7DjMu9vGqmyLrQ8hAuqTDw


Dashboard Dashboard Languages Dashboard Login 1 Dashboard Login 2 Dashboard Login 3 Dashboard Media Module 1 Dashboard Media Module 2 Dashboard Modules 1 Dashboard Modules 2 Dashboard Modules 3 Dashboard Modules 4 Dashboard Plugins 1 Dashboard Plugins 2 Dashboard Plugins 3 Dashboard System Information 1 Dashboard System Information 2 Dashboard System Information 3 Dashboard System Information 4 Dashboard Themes Dashboard Users

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