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Let Me Schedule Tasks For You (lmstfy)

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lmstfy(pronounce /' is a simple task queue (or job queue) service, providing the following features:

  • basic job queue primitives: PUBLISH, CONSUME and DELETE via HTTP API
  • support extra lifecycle management of jobs:
    • job TTL (time-to-live)
    • job delay trigger (at second granularity)
    • job auto-retry
    • dead letter
  • namespace/queue level metrics
  • token consume/produce rate limit

lmstfy itself doesn't handle data storage, it delegates the storage to the Redis or Redis Sentinel currently (a file based storage backend is under implementing). So data integrity and durability is in the hand of redis, we use AOF and replication on our production env to ensure that.

Who use lmstfy


SDK for lmstfy

Build and Run

# to build the server binary, the target file would be inside _build dir
$ make

# setup redis server
$ redis-server &

# run the lmstfy server
$ ./_build/lmstfy-server -c config/demo-conf.toml

You can use ./scripts/token-cli to manage the namespace and token




Detailed internal implementation looks like:

job flow

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