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Android Architecture Kotlin + Dagger2 + Room + LiveData + Retrofit

Project contributors: Nazar Ivanchuk & Roman Havran


This sample stands on the principles of Android Architecture.

It's based on the MVC sample, splitting the application in four layers:


Layers responsibilities

UI Controller (Activities, Fragments & Custom views)

  • Activities & Fragments
  • Observes the ViewModel
  • Keeps the UI up-to-date
  • Forwards user Actions back to the ViewModel


  • Prepares & keeps data for the UI
  • Includes LiveData, Observables etc.
  • Survives configuration changes
  • The gateway for the UI Controller


  • The complete data model from the App  - Provides simple data modification & retrieval APIs

Data Source

  • Provides local or network sources for data


ViewModel concept makes application more flexible for support

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