Use WTM to write .netcore app fast !!!
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Free Programming Books Zh_cn101,737
2 months ago28gpl-3.0
:books: 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿
Storybook78,9967,28921,47612 hours ago1,108September 14, 20222,223mitTypeScript
Storybook is a frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation. Made for UI development, testing, and documentation.
Ionic Framework49,07119,48488011 hours ago420May 06, 2020477mitTypeScript
A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Bulma47,19610,3721,3484 days ago60May 08, 2022359mitCSS
Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox
30 Days Of Javascript36,390
14 hours ago1January 25, 2022253JavaScript
30 days of JavaScript programming challenge is a step-by-step guide to learn JavaScript programming language in 30 days. This challenge may take more than 100 days, please just follow your own pace. These videos may help too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7PNRuno1rzYPb1xLa4yktw
Taro33,02726865513 hours ago516September 23, 20221,015otherTypeScript
开放式跨端跨框架解决方案,支持使用 React/Vue/Nerv 等框架来开发微信/京东/百度/支付宝/字节跳动/ QQ 小程序/H5/React Native 等应用。 https://taro.zone/
Sheetjs32,8674,3792,297a month ago170March 24, 2022129apache-2.0JavaScript
📗 SheetJS Spreadsheet Data Toolkit -- New home https://git.sheetjs.com/SheetJS/sheetjs
Fe Interview23,288
2 months ago5,312mitJavaScript
前端面试每日 3+1,以面试题来驱动学习,提倡每日学习与思考,每天进步一点!每天早上5点纯手工发布面试题(死磕自己,愉悦大家),6000+道前端面试题全面覆盖,HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Vue/React/Nodejs/TypeScript/ECMAScritpt/Webpack/Jquery/小程序/软技能……
Nativescript22,5862,6191,10211 hours ago1,908September 28, 2021947mitTypeScript
⚡ Empowering JavaScript with native platform APIs. ✨ Best of all worlds (TypeScript, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java). Use what you love ❤️ Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Solid, Svelte, Vue + SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, Flutter and you name it compatible.
Table21,6461,7701,1224 days ago217May 16, 2022121mitTypeScript
🤖 Headless UI for building powerful tables & datagrids for TS/JS - React-Table, Vue-Table, Solid-Table, Svelte-Table
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WalkingTec.Mvvm for asp.net core

Walkingtec.mvvm framework (WTM) is a rapid development framework based on .net core. It supports LayUI, React, VUE. WTM has built-in code generator to maximize development efficiency. It is a powerful tool for efficient web development.

Coverage Status Member project of .NET Core Community Gitter GitHub license FOSSA Status

CI Build Status

Platform Build Server SDK Master Status Develop Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v2.2.300 Build Status Build Status
Azure Pipelines Windows/Linux/OSX v3.1.101 Build Status Build Status
AppVeyor Windows/Linux v2.2.300 - -
Travis Linux/OSX v2.2.300 - -

Nuget Packages

Package name Version Downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Core NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Mvc NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.Mvc.Admin NuGet downloads
WalkingTec.Mvvm.TagHelpers.LayUI NuGet downloads

WTM Features

WTM provides 4 types of ViewModel, covering all of the common functionalities of mainstream web applications.

  • CrudVM provides most common functionalities for data addition, deletion and modification.

  • ListVM provides paging and exporting functionality.

  • ImportVM & TemplateVM provides importing via excel functionality.

  • BatchVM provides batch operation functionality.

  • WTM has its own code generator, which makes development efficient and fast.

  • WTM provides dozens of client-side controls, including Form, Grid, Panel, Dialog and quite alot of other common controls.

  • WTM provides built-in user, role, user group, Data permission, page permission, menu, log, mail, SMS, file and other common back-end functionalities;

  • WTM supports single sign on, portal and distributed database;

  • WTM provides simplified integration with libraries such as Redis, DFS etc.

  • WTM provides both server-side and client-side frameworks for building user interfaces.

Mode UI Status
Server-side LayUI Stable
Client-side React Stable
Client-side VUE RTM

Under WTM framework's client-side mode, you can also use code generator to generate server-side and client-side code at the same time, greatly reducing the communication cost of front-end and back-end developers, essentially improving the development efficiency, so that "separation" is no longer complex and expensive.

Framework document address: http://wtmdoc.walkingtec.cn

Framework Q&A community: https://community.walkingtec.cn

Frame QQ communication group: 694148336

Click here to generate a WTM project online and experience the beauty of WTM immediately~~~

At present, we are a team of 7 developers. We are looking for all kinds of C#, React, VUE experts to join us!

If WTM hepls you:

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