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This repo hold all the genesis contracts on Binance Smart chain. More details in doc-site.


Install dependency:

npm install

unit test

Generate contracts for testing:

# the first account of ganache
node generate-system.js --mock true
node generate-systemReward.js --mock true
node generate-validatorset.js --mock true
node generate-system.js --mock true
node generate-slash.js --mock true
node generate-crosschain.js --mock true
node generate-tokenhub.js --mock true
node generate-tendermintlightclient.js --mock true
node generate-relayerincentivizecontract.js --roundSize 30 --maximumWeight 3 --mock true

Start ganache:

ganache-cli --mnemonic 'clock radar mass judge dismiss just intact mind resemble fringe diary casino' --gasLimit 13000000  -e 10000

Run truffle test:

truffle compile
truffle migrate
truffle test

Flatten all system contracts:

npm run flatten

how to generate genesis file.

  1. Edit init_holders.js file to alloc the initial BNB holder.
  2. Edit validators.js file to alloc the initial validator set.
  3. Edit generate-validatorset.js file to change fromChainId and toChainId,
  4. Edit generate-tokenhub.js file to change refundRelayReward, minimumRelayFee and maxGasForCallingBEP20.
  5. Edit generate-tendermintlightclient.js file to change chainID and initConsensusStateBytes.
  6. run node generate-genesis.js will generate genesis.json


The library is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, also included in our repository in the LICENSE file.

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