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I’ve decided to take styles from Xcode and do my best to replicate them for Sketch. Along the way, I documented the process of how I ended up with the result so you can look into things even further.

You'll need to download Apple's SF font:


The API doesn't provide any specs for blurs, so it's a challenge to replicate. For performance concerns, I understand why Apple isn't open about these specs. However, as designers I think we shuold be aware of these constraints and design with them.


  1. Open UIBlurEffectStyle.sketch
  2. Copy style of a blur type
  3. Paste style to any shape


  1. Created a few colorful shapes to blur
  2. Rendered and exported all three types of blur over the shapes in Xcode:
    • extraLight
    • light
    • dark
  3. Replicated each blur type in Sketch


Apple’s system fonts are designed for legibility and provide a variety of sizes which automatically react to accessibility features. You can read more about why it’s best to use system fonts on the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.


  1. Open UIFontTextStyle.sketch
  2. Copy & Paste artboard into Sketch document
  3. Assign texts to a system style


  1. Made a list of all ten text styles:
    • Title1
    • Title2
    • Title3
    • Headline
    • Subhead
    • Body
    • Footnote
    • Caption1
    • Caption2
    • Callout
  2. Printed out the specs in Xcode (e.g. UIFontTextStyle(_rawValue: UICTFontTextStyleTitle1): .SFUIDisplay-Light, 28)
  3. Used font tracking recommends

Get Involved

Suggest a style

  1. Create a new issue
  2. Describe the iOS style that should be replicated
  3. ✨ Bonus: Follow the issue to provide feedback

Leave feedback

  1. Create a new issue
  2. Mention which style you have feedback on
  3. ✨ Bonus: Follow the issue to provide feedback

Ask a question

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