Svelte Carousel

A super lightweight, super simple Carousel for Svelte 3
Alternatives To Svelte Carousel
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Alternatives To Svelte Carousel
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This project is now archived. We don't use carousels any more, and you shouldn't either.

Svelte Carousel

js-standard-style CircleCI svelte-v2 svelte-v3

Svelte Carousel / Slider

This is a ground-up rewrite of the original Svelte Carousel/Slider using Svelte v3, and Siema, the goal being a fully working carousel with a tiny size.


This library is pure javascript, so can be used with any framework you like.


The simplest possible demo

npm install
npm run dev # http://localhost:12001

To use within a Svelte application:

npm i -D @beyonk/svelte-carousel


  <div class="slide-content">Slide 1</div>
  <div class="slide-content">Slide 2</div>
  <div class="slide-content">Slide 3</div>
  <div class="slide-content">Slide 4</div>

	import Carousel from '@beyonk/svelte-carousel'
	import { ChevronLeftIcon, ChevronRightIcon } from 'svelte-feather-icons'



You can set the controls to be anything you like, though the default height and width are set to 40px. Just use the slots available to insert your own content.

npm i -D svelte-feather-icons
  <span class="control" slot="left-control">
    <ChevronLeftIcon />
  <div class="slide-content">Slide 1</div>
  <div class="slide-content">Slide n</div>
  <span class="control" slot="right-control">
    <ChevronRightIcon />

	import Carousel from './Carousel.svelte'
	import { ChevronLeftIcon, ChevronRightIcon } from 'svelte-feather-icons'

If you need to override height and width, you can use CSS:

	.control :global(svg) {
		width: 100%;
		height: 100%;
		color: #fff;
		border: 2px solid #fff;
		border-radius: 32px;


You can pass the following attributes:

Attribute Type Default Value Description
loop boolean true At the end of the carousel, loop through to the first slide again, seamlessly
perPage integer 3 Number of slides on a single page. Note that this needs to be less than or equal to the number of slides in your carousel
autoplay integer 0 Auto-change slide at an interval (in milliseconds). 0 means don't autoplay.
duration number 200 Slide transition duration in milliseconds.
easing string 'ease-out' It is like a CSS transition-timing-function — describes acceleration curve.
startIndex number 0 Index (zero-based) of the starting slide.
draggable boolean true Use dragging and touch swiping.
multipleDrag boolean true Allow dragging to move multiple slides.
dots boolean true Toggles visibility of slider dots.
controls boolean true Toggles visibility of slider controls. dots.
threshold number 20 Touch and mouse dragging threshold (in px).
rtl boolean false Enables layout for languages written from right to left (like Hebrew or Arabic).

perPage can also be set to a responsive object, to change the number of slides based on screen width:

<Carousel perPage={{ 800: 3, 500: 2 }}>
// will show 1 slide below 500px width, 2 at 500, 3 at 800.


The Carousel components emits the following events:

Name Data Description
change { currentSlide, slideCount } currentSlide: The current slide index. Can be a positive or negative integer. slideCount: The number of slides.


You can call left, right, go(slideNumber), pause and resume functions on the slider. For example, for pausing the autoslide while the mouse is hover the carousel

<Carousel bind:this={carousel} on:mouseenter={enter} on:mouseleave={leave}>
<div class="slide-content">Slide 1</div>
<div class="slide-content">Slide n</div>

import Carousel from './Carousel.svelte'
let carousel;

function enter() {

function leave() {
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