A hyper plugin to provide a flexible GDB GUI frontend with the help of GEF, pwndbg or peda


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Hyperpwn is a Hyper plugin to improve the display when debugging with GDB.

Hyperpwn needs GEF, pwndbg or peda to be loaded in GDB as a backend. Hyperpwn handles with its context data, seperates them to different windows to get a clearer display and can easily replay previous states.

Hyperpwn can be used on Windows, Linux and macOS.


Firstly, you need to install the latest release of Hyper on your computer.

Hyperpwn relies on hyperinator. You need to install both hyperinator and hyperpwn plugins to use hyperpwn.

You can install them by command line:

$ hyper i hyperinator
$ hyper i hyperpwn

Or edit ~/.hyper.js manually and add them to plugins:

plugins: [
  "hyperinator", "hyperpwn"


Just run gdb in Hyper terminal.

If the backend is loaded, hyperpwn will automatically create a config file in ~/.hyperinator, load it and handle with the context data.

You can edit the config file to change the layout and parts to display.


  • stepi: F7
  • nexti: F8
  • display previous state: ctrl+shift+pageup
  • display next state: ctrl+shift+pagedown


Default configuration:

module.exports = {
  config: {
    // other configs...
    hyperpwn: {
      hotkeys: {
        prev: 'ctrl+shift+pageup',
        next: 'ctrl+shift+pagedown',
        cmd: {
          stepi: 'f7',
          nexti: 'f8'
      autoClean: false,
      autoLayout: true,
      showHeaders: true,
      headerStyle: {
        position: 'absolute',
        top: 0,
        right: 0,
        fontSize: '10px'


  • If you want to use hyperpwn on peda, please use my fork of peda or peda-arm.
  • Make sure you have enabled the display of legend in the backend (which is the default behavior).
  • You can try to change configs like context.nb_lines_code, context.nb_lines_code_prev in GEF, or context-code-lines in pwndbg, to get a better display.
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