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a day ago167mitC#
:mag: Quick file search & app launcher for Windows with community-made plugins
a year ago77otherVim script
Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'
2 months ago333mitTypeScript
Keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS
Search Plugins2,589
3 months ago17gpl-2.0Python
Search plugins for the search feature
Dash Plugin For Xcode1,540
a year agoJuly 16, 20222Objective-C
Plugin for Xcode to integrate the Dash documentation viewer app
Elasticsearch Learning To Rank1,415
a day ago20March 04, 202230apache-2.0Java
Plugin to integrate Learning to Rank (aka machine learning for better relevance) with Elasticsearch
Simple Jekyll Search1,259464a year ago35August 27, 2021mitJavaScript
A JavaScript library to add search functionality to any Jekyll blog.
Notational Fzf Vim1,097
5 months ago16Vim Script
Notational velocity for vim.
2 days ago2C#
Everything search plugin for PowerToys Run
Tmux Copycat822
3 years ago55mitShell
A plugin that enhances tmux search
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Awesome Albert Plugins

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This is a collection of plugins and themes for the Albert launcher.



Currently the list of plugins includes:

  • Anki - 📇 Generate flashcards for Anki

  • Bluetooth - 🦷 Manage bluetooth devices

  • Clock - ⏰ Create countdown and stopwatch timers

  • Contacts - 📕 View your contacts and copy emails/telephones, etc.

  • Colors - 🎨 Color lookup using RGB, hex notation or color name

  • Emoji - 🎉 Search for and copy emojis to clipboard

  • Errno - ❗Lookup and get information on Linux error codes

  • Google Translate - 🉑 Reimplementation of this plugin with persistent storage of previous searches, no need for API key and smart HTTP querying to avoid blocking from Google.

  • Harakiri - 📫 Create temporary email addresses at

  • IP show - 🌐 Display information about your network interfaces and public IPs

  • Image Search - 📷 Search the web for images, download them and/or copy them to clipboard

  • Jira - 📝 View and edit your Jira tickets from Albert

  • Killproc - ☠️ Kill processes based on fuzzy-search

  • Meme Generator - 😸 Generate memes and copy them to clipboard

  • Pass TOTP - 🔢 Generate 2FA codes with Pass and totp

  • Pass_rlded - 🔒 UNIX Password Manager interaction with fuzzy-search capabilities

  • Pulse Control - 🎤 Enable/disable sources and sinks from Pulse Control

  • Remmina - 🖥️ Start a Remmina VNC/SFTP connection

  • Saxophone - 🎷 Play your favorite internet radio stations / streams

  • Scratchpad - 📝 Take quick notes into a single textfile

  • Taskwarrior - 🪖 Interact with the Taskwarrior task manager

  • Template Albert Plugin - 🛠️ Template cookiecutter for creating new Albert plugins

  • Timezones - 🌏 Lookup timezone information

  • Tldr Lookup - Lookup tldr pages and commands

  • URL Error Lookup - 🔗 Lookup URL error codes

  • Words - 🔤 Lookup a word definition, synonyms and antonyms

  • Xkcd - 📓 List and fuzzy-search the latest xkcd comics

  • DuckDuckGo-based autocompletion search - 🦆 for searching on,, stackoverflow, amazon, and a variety of other websites using ddgr

    • Suggestions-enabled search using ddgr on a variety of websites. For example:

      • DuckDuckGo

      • Amazon

      • Youtube

      • Github

      • Ebay

      • Imdb

      • Urban dictionary: Word/Slang definitions lookup

      • Python, OpenCV, Dlib, C++ documentation lookup

      • ...

      • ⚠️ To avoid getting blocked, a search request is only sent when the text ends with a dot ".".

      • Install google-chrome or chromium-browser to add an "Open in incognito mode" option

      • See the ddgr-specific section for more

  • Improved implementations of the original 🍅 Pomodoro plugin

Plugins have been tested with the Albert python v0.4 interface. If you're looking for a version that works with earlier versions of the plugin, see the prior-to-v0.4 branch. I'm using Python 3.6.8.


  • Mozhi - A flat, transparent and dark theme for Albert. (DEMO)


It's really so easy writing plugins and automating parts of your workflow using Albert and its python extensions. That's the very reason I started writing them.



Clone this repository under your local Albert python plugins directory. By default the that is: ~/.local/share/albert/org.albert.extension.python/modules.

Then go to the Albert settings and enable the plugins that you are interested in using. Beware that you may need to install some more dependencies depending on the plugins you use. These dependencies will probably be pointed out either when you enable, or when you run the plugin for the first time. Refer to the directory of the corresponding plugin for more details.

ddgr-based plugins

The search plugins that use ddgr have not been committed to this repo. You can generate them offline using the script provided. Make sure you have Python >= 3.6 installed:

pip3 install --user --upgrade secrets requests ddgr cookiecutter

This will generate an Albert plugin for each one of the search engines specified in Adjust the latter as required if you want to add more or remove plugins.

generate_plugins_only_for = [

I don't want to setup all the plugins, just a few

Very well, then after cloning this repo, just symlink or copy the plugin of choice under your local python plugins directory. For example for the jira plugin:

cp -r plugins/jira ~/.local/share/albert/org.albert.extension.python/modules/jira

After that, enable the plugin from the Albert settings.

Self Promotion

If you find this tool useful, please star it on Github


See ISSUES list for the things that I'm currently either working on or interested in implementing in the near future. In case there's something you are interesting in working on, don't hesitate to either ask for clarifications or just do it and directly make a PR.

Ideas List (feel free to implement)

  • 🚧 Giphy - Giphy/giphy-python-client
  • 🚧 search
  • 🚧 Manage your VPN connections - Frontend to WireGuard?
  • 🚧 Spotify mini player - similar to this
  • 🚧 Movie search and ratings - be able to sign in to various services and (e.g., imdb) and submit a rating for a movie
  • 🚧 An alternative to Alfred's pkgman
  • 🚧 Vagrant start/stop boxes - see this
  • 🚧 Assembly instructions lookup - use this
    • Use ddgr asynchronously to get links to pages: adcs
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