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Flow Launcher. Dedicated to make your workflow flow more seamlessly. Aimed at being more than an app launcher, it searches, integrates and expands on functionalities. Flow will continue to evolve, designed to be open and built with the community at heart.

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The Flow

  • Search everything from applications, files, bookmarks, YouTube, Twitter and more. All from the comfort of your keyboard without ever touching the mouse.
  • Search for file contents.
  • Do mathematical calculations and copy the result to clipboard.
  • Support search using environment variable paths.
  • Run batch and PowerShell commands as Administrator or a different user.
  • Support languages from Chinese to Italian and more.
  • Support wide range of plugins.
  • Prioritise the order of each plugin's results.
  • Save file or folder locations for quick access.
  • Fully portable.


Running Flow Launcher

Windows 7 and up

Windows may complain about security due to code not being signed, this will be completed at a later stage. If you downloaded from this repo, you are good to continue the set up.


  • Open flow's search window: Alt+Space is the default hotkey.
  • Open context menu: on the selected result, press Ctrl+O/Shift+Enter.
  • Cancel/Return to previous screen: Esc.
  • Install/Uninstall/Update plugins: in the search window, type pm install/uninstall/update + the plugin name.
  • Saved user settings are located:
    • If using roaming: %APPDATA%\FlowLauncher
    • If using portable, by default: %localappdata%\FlowLauncher\app-<VersionOfYourFlowLauncher>\UserData
  • Logs are saved along with your user settings folder.

More tips


  • If you use Python plugins:
    • Install Python3, download .exe installer.
    • Add Python to %PATH% or set it in flow's settings.
    • Use pip to install flowlauncher, open cmd and type pip install flowlauncher.
    • The Python plugin may require additional modules to be installed, please ensure you check by visiting the plugin's website via pm install + plugin name, go to context menu and select Open website.
    • Start to launch your Python plugins.
  • Flow searches files and contents via Windows Index Search, to use Everything: pm install everything.


There is a list of actively maintained plugins in the documentation section, some of which are integrated from other launchers.


Flow is under heavy development, but the code base is stable, so contributions are very welcome. If you would like to help maintain it, please do not hesistate to get in touch.


We welcome all contributions. If you are unsure of a change you want to make, simply put an issue in for discussion, otherwise feel free to put in a pull request.

You will find the main goals of flow placed under Projects board, so feel free to contribute on that. If you would like to make small incremental changes, feel free to do so as well.

Get in touch if you like to join the Flow-Launcher Team and help build this great tool.


Yes please, submit an issue to let us know.

Join our community on Discord!


Flow Launcher's target framework is .Net 5

Install Visual Studio 2019

Install .Net 5 SDK via Visual Studio installer or manually from here


Visit here for more information on usage, development and design documentations

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