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Installing this configuration


  • Chezmoi
  • Archlinux or OSX


Note: You are required to use the env variable SECRETS_OFF=1, as not passing will make chezmoi fail when connecting to my bitwarden's account.

The following environment variables can be set to configure Chezmoi on runtime:

  • ASK: Set to 1 if you want to enable chezmoi prompt
  • SECRETS_OFF: Set to 1 to enable Bitwarden (uses my personal secrets set in .chezmoi.yaml)
  • DOTFILES_MINIMAL: Set to 1 if you want to install the minimal version
  • WORKCONF: Set to 1 to enable work configuration (work email, etc)

For example, you can enable ASK by running ASK=1 chezmoi apply or enable a minimal version of the dotfiles with DOTFILES_MINIMAL=1 chezmoi apply

Chezmoi allows easy install of this configuration by running the following command:

Full version

SECRETS_OFF=1 chezmoi init -S ~/dotfiles

Minimal version

The minimal version installs only the essentials.

  • zsh
  • git
  • vim
  • emacs
  • tmux
  • curl
  • alacritty
  • neovim
  • user-dirs
  • editorconfig
  • dircolors
SECRETS_OFF=1 DOTFILES_MINIMAL=1 chezmoi init -S ~/dotfiles


All the system dependencies are installed either by running the Makefile (see make help) or by running chezmoi apply. All scripts are located in the scripts directory. Two files are of importance: and The first checks if the scripts is running in a CI environment while the latter checks if the install profile is equal to minimal.

Command Description
make start-services Starts services (systemd, brew services..).
make git-repos Clone Git repos.
make conf-sys Configure system files.
make ssh-perms Set SSH permissions.
make gnupg-perms Set GnuPG permissions.
make pyenv Install pyenv.
make osx-defaults Configure defaults for OSX.
make ensure-deps Install all dependencies.
make chezmoi-init Initialize chezmoi.
make chezmoi-apply Apply chezmoi files (runs all scripts).
make post-chezmoi Run post chezmoi scripts.
make install-homebrew Install Homebrew.
make install-chezmoi Install chezmoi.
make install-aur Install AUR packages .
make install-deps Install system dependencies.
make ensure-dirs Creates required directories.
make install-riscv Install RISC-V toolchain and dependencies.
make install-rust Install Rust.
make install-go-deps Install go dependencies.
make install-osx-app Install MacOS applications (requires mas).
make run Ensure deps and apply chezmoi.
make all Run all.



  • fn + cmd - e - opens emacs
  • fn + cmd - i - opens firefox
  • fn + cmd - f - opens finder in $HOME
  • cmd + return - opens alacritty


  • fn + cmd - f1 - mpc play
  • fn + cmd - f2 - mpc pause
  • fn + cmd - f3 - mpc prev
  • fn + cmd - f4 - mpc next
  • fn + cmd - f5 - mpc volume -10
  • fn + cmd - f6 - mpc volume +10


Chezmoi does not seem to reload the configuration

Run chezmoi init <dotfiles-path> again. This should reload the configuration by copying chezmoi.yaml to $HOME/.config/chezmoi/chezmoi.yaml.

Sourcing env with i3

For some reason, i3 is sourcing .xprofile instead of xinitrc, so for getting Github plugin for the i3status-rust you need to set up a variable in your .xprofile

export I3RS_GITHUB_TOKEN="your-github-token"




Weechat IRC



  1. Ensure you have linted the commits before committing:
    1. Install pre-commit
    2. Install the hook: pre-commit install --hook-type commit-msg
  2. Make the contribution and open a pull request
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