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React Native Console

An IDEA/WebStorm/Android Studio Plugin for run React Native commands, the No.1 WebStorm / IDEA plugin for React Native developers.

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Chinese Instruction Here


First, please setup your React Native dev env:

Second, you can install it through your IDE, bring up Preferences > Plugins > Browse repositories... , search for 'React Native Console', then you can install this plugin there.

Or you can munally install jar file react-native-console.jar as a plugin to your IDE. And the plugin home page is here:

Now restart IDEA and enjoy!


Java 8 or plus required to run the IDE.

Settings(Optional, only need if js project dir can't be auto find)

Specify js project work directory rather than root directory, eg ./jsapp , now can from welcome screen or toolbar to edit this property. And the final value is stored in a file named .idea/.rnconsole, which content should like this:

  currentPath: './jsapp'

after that all npm commands will use this as the working dir.


If you found issue when click on the "Debug Android" button, error message: "SDK location not found ", please fix it like this : add a android local config file: yourapp/android/ sdk.dir=/Users/xxxx/Documents/Java/android-sdk-macosx let sdk.dir point to your ANDROID_HOME environment if can't find adb, try this shell command:

sudo ln -s ~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb /usr/bin/adb

More info please ref this issue:


  • open current Android activity source code in project
  • run React Native Debugger Only)
  • Ctrl + F2 to reload android js bundle
  • list and run scripts in package.json
  • react-native run-android
  • list all connected android devices(includes simulator and physical) and run as target
  • react-native link
  • react-native run-ios
  • run on physical iOS device
  • list all iOS devices(includes simulator and physical) and run as target
  • npm run start
  • npm install
  • Open dev menu on Android device(adb shell input keyevent 82)
  • forward android device request to dev machine(adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081)
  • Android Reloading JavaScript
  • open React Native debugger ui(Chrome browser required)
  • react-native log-android
  • react-native log-ios
  • gradlew assembleRelease
  • react-native bundle --platform android/ios --dev false
  • yarn
  • jest
  • react-native uninstall
  • react-native start
  • gradlew clean
  • react-native react-native-git-upgrade
  • yarn add project, dev, global dependencies
  • npm add project, dev, global dependencies
  • auto install and run react-devtools
  • Last Edit Location(main toolbar)
  • Reveal file in Finder/Explorer(main toolbar)
  • Reveal project folder in Finder/Explorer
  • Specify js project work directory, eg ./jsapp, from welcome screen or toolbar (optional, see for more info)
  • Modify Metro Bundler port(need React Native 0.56+)
  • Auto detect React Native package.json or build.gradle in current folder and parent/children folder(eg only coding Java in Android Studio), thus the command will auto execute in the correct folder

##Contributors [email protected] [email protected]


Demo Gif

This project is developed using IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm with a free JetBrains Open Source license.


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