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Kindle Book Maker


This Project is aimed at creating a kindle book generator. Fetching data from internet, then combo all data to a mini .mobi book, what you have to do is just edit profiles and run build commands.

Project structure

Data comes in three way:

  • spider fetch a uri content, but you need to config the class the article's title and content
  • spider fetch a rss source
  • from local file

Here is the structure of project:

Kindle Book Maker

After preparing data, The program will filter some dirty data, and transfer remote file link to local file, that means it will download the resources.

Finally, using kindleGen generate book. I had put the kindleGen file to /bin/kindlegen, 28M.


First, run this command:

chmod +x bin/**/kindlegen

Try a simple demo:

git clone;
cd kindleBookMaker;
npm install;
node index;
open build/*.mobi;

There are lots of function, simplify to three command.

  • generate from rss:
node index --rss
# node index -r
  • generate from a uri,-u URL titleQuery ContentQuery FilterRegExp:
node index --uri \ \
    .post-title \
    .post-content \
    /<div class="shit-spider"[\s\S]+?<\/div>/
  • generate from local directory:
node index --dirctory ./src/demo/
# node index -d ./src/demo/

and three other arguments:

  • --verbose, -v, detail about kindle generation.
  • --help, -h, help.
  • -push2kindle, -p, push the builded .mobi file to your kindle.


var moment = require('moment');

module.exports = {
  // entry: './src/KF8-Demo',
  entry: {
    base: './src/KF8-Demo',
    list: []
  bookInfo: {
    title: "Barret Lee's Personal Website",
    lang: "zh",
    creator: "Barret Lee",
    copyright: "Barret Lee",
    publisher: "",
    coverImage: 'coverImage.png'
  output: {
    base: './build',
    format: '[name]-' + moment().format('YYYYMMDD')
  /*option for uri*/
  singlePage: {
    title: 'div.title',
    description: 'div.content',
    reg: function(data) {
      return data.replace(/<div class="shit-spider"[\s\S]+?<\/div>/, '');
  push2kindle: {
    email: '[email protected]',
    password: 'your-email-password',
    kindle: '[email protected]'
  • entry, can be a String or an Object
    • base, the entry base, where remote file placed.
    • list, it impacts the order of book article list.
  • bookInfo, be attention to the coverImage, you should better set a value.
  • ouput, optional, default is ./build and [name].
  • singlePage, optional, for uri spider
  • push2kindle, optional, the kindle param is your device matched email, can be edit at here.


  • [ ] generate from markdown file directly.
  • [ ] fix push2kindle bug, cannot push .mobi format file, i don't konw why.

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The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 小胡子哥

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