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Yeoman generators to kickstart your react-native v0.48+ projects.

⚠️ Deprecation notice ⚠️

Dear user, we are working on a complete rewrite of generator-rn-toolbox

We are be deprecating this repo and migrating its features to react-native-make

Already available:


In an existing React Native project, our generator contains sub-generators that will help you with:


  • [ ] You need node > 6 installed
  • [ ] Ruby > 2.2.3
  • [ ] Bundler installed (gem install bundler)
  • [ ] Yeoman installed (npm i -g yo)
  • [ ] Yarn installed (brew install yarn)


Install the main yeoman generator:

npm install -g yo generator-rn-toolbox

Then follow the docs for any sub-generator listed above in the features.

If starting from scratch, use the react-native init <ProjectName> && cd <ProjectName> command to instantiate your React Native Project (for more go see the official React Native getting started).

It is recommended to initiate the git repository right after instantiating the app and to do you first commit.

It is also recommended to do a separate commit after running each of these steps.


See our contributing guidelines

Local development

To run the generator with your local version:

git clone
cd generator-rn-toolbox
npm link

When you're done, you can run npm unlink to stop using your local version.


To better understand your usage of this tool, basic analytics have been enabled. It only records generators usage as anonymous page views and does not track any user information

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