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moonmint is an HTTP web framework for Lua. Use complex routing, static file serving, and templating with a minimal code base. Harness the power of libuv to perform asynchronous operations.

Check out the wiki for more information.


  • Simple and flexible express-like routing
  • Middleware
  • Static file server
  • Nonblocking operations with coroutines and libuv
  • Supports Lua 5.2, 5.3, LuaJIT 2.0, LuaJIT 2.1
  • Powerful asynchronous agent for making HTTP requests
  • Templating engine

Quick Install

In order to install moonmint, the following dependencies are needed.

  • Luarocks (the package manager)
  • OpenSSL (for the bkopenssl dependecy)
  • CMake (for the luv libuv binding)

Also, make sure that the Lua dev packages are installed on linux. On OSX using brew openssl, you may need to provide the openssl directory to luarocks to install bkopenssl.

Use luarocks to install

luarocks install --server= moonmint

See the wiki for more information.


moonmint is really simple - probably the simplest way to get a running webserver in Lua out there! Install with luarocks, write your server script, and run it! The following example servers serve "Hello, World!" on the default port 8080.

local moonmint = require 'moonmint'
local app = moonmint()

app:get("/", 'Hello, World!')


This can be even shorter if you use chaining.

    :get('/', 'Hello, World!')


A lot of code was modified from the Luvit project and from Tim Caswell, the main author. moonmint depends on the luv library, a Lua binding to libuv.

Another important dependency is lua-openssl, which is a very useful openssl binding for Lua created and maintained by George Zhao. Many thanks.



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