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Psl - PHP Standard Library

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Psl is a standard library for PHP, inspired by hhvm/hsl.

The goal of Psl is to provide a consistent, centralized, well-typed set of APIs for PHP programmers.




use Psl\{Str, Vec};

 * @psalm-param iterable<?int> $codes
function foo(iterable $codes): string
    $codes = Vec\filter_nulls($codes);

    $chars = Vec\map($codes, fn(int $code): string => Str\chr($code));

    return Str\join($chars, ', ');

foo([95, 96, null, 98]);
// 'a, b, d'


Supported installation method is via composer:

composer require azjezz/psl

Psalm Integration

Please refer to the php-standard-library/psalm-plugin repository.


You can read through the API documentation in docs/ directory.

Interested in contributing?

Have a look at


Thanks to our sponsors and supporters:



The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.

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