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2 years ago27mitPython
Assignments and Graders for Discrete Optimization on Coursera
Coursera Clone43
a year ago2gpl-3.0HTML
Coursera clone
4 years ago
My GitHub blog: things you might be interested, and probably not...
Coursera Aml Docker16
3 years ago4Dockerfile
Docker container with Jupyter Environment for Coursera "Advanced Machine Learning" specialization.
Mooc Lti Jupyter15
7 years ago1mitCSS
Map Coursera users (via LTI) onto a collection of Jupyter notebooks servers run in Docker containers
2 years ago
Coursera Dl Docker7
5 years ago
Docker image for (
7 years agoJava
This is the repo used to house information for the coursera compiler course work.
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Coursera Clone star repo

Fully responsive single page application made using MERN Stack! 💙


  • React
  • Node
  • Mongo db
  • Express
  • Redux
  • Redis
  • Jest


  • Mongo
  • Redis

Getting Started

Clone the repo to your local environment, you have to seperately install all the dependencies for backend and frontend.

For Backend, go to the backend folder (cd Backend) and run npm i

  • Install MongoDB

  • or, you can use the website

  • add your environmental variables

  • Create a .env file in the root directory of the backend folder and add your tokens there with respect to the config files variables.

    • ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = "some secret"
    • ACCESS_TOKEN_LIFE = time
    • REFRESH_TOKEN_SECRET = "some secret"
    • SENDGRID_KEY = ""
    • OAuth2Client = ""
    • REDIS_HOST = ""
    • REDIS_PORT = ""

Note: Make sure the .env files variables matches with that of the config files like the image below.

env files variables

For Frontend, go to the frontend folder (cd Front-end) and run npm i

To run a development environment, you can use the npm start command. This will start up a development web server on port 3000 for frontend, and a nodemon-watched API server on port 8080.

Note: you have to do npm start for backend and frontend seperately.

Unit testing

You can test the backend, express endpoints using command ( npm test )

Docker Compose

Coursera Clone is dockerised and docker hub repository can be found here

If you use Docker and Docker Compose, you can start the entire project with:

docker-compose up



  • [x] Authentication system with signup,login,otp verification,resend otp,forgot password (fully validated with bootstrap alerts)
  • [x] Google authentication (Oauth2) using react-google-login and google auth-library
  • [x] Stripe Payment gateway integrated with backend to buy courses
  • [x] Redux store to easily manage states
  • [x] Homepage with courses being fetched categorically
  • [x] Recommended Courses based on user's preferences
  • [x] Rating of Courses
  • [x] Bookmarked Courses where users can remove or add bookmark
  • [x] Download resourses (pdf - notes)
  • [x] Responsive React Video player for videos
  • [x] Progress bar
  • [x] CoursePage with all the content of the course
  • [x] Searching based on course and teacher
  • [x] Real Time Live Group classes


  • [x] Proper Authentication system with signup,login,otp verification,resend otp,forgot password (fully validated with bootstrap alerts)
  • [x] Fully validated teacher uploading form with descriptition,title,Image and other details
  • [x] CkEditor for writing in textbox with abilities to add diffrent headings,paragraphs,bold,italics,link,tables,sizes etc
  • [x] Teacher can upload upto 5 videos with upload bar to show progress
  • [x] Teacher can see their uploaded courses
  • [x] Teacher can delete their course
  • [x] Teacher can edit their course

Testing using jest and supertest for express endpoints.

Real Time Live Group Classes using and Optimized with redis for caching messages


Authentication pages

Signup Page

alt text

Login Page

alt text

Otp and Resend Otp Page

alt text

Forgot Password Page

alt text

Main Screens


alt text

Course Page

alt text

Bookmark Page

alt text

Payment Checkout Page

alt text

Live Classes Page

alt text

Preference Page

alt text

Teacher's Courses

alt text

Teacher Uploading Details

alt text

Teacher Uploading Videos

alt text

Responsive Designs

Mobile Design Authentication

alt text

Mobile Design CoursePage

alt text

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