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auto-sklearn is an automated machine learning toolkit and a drop-in replacement for a scikit-learn estimator.

Find the documentation here. Quick links:

auto-sklearn in one image


auto-sklearn in four lines of code

import autosklearn.classification
cls = autosklearn.classification.AutoSklearnClassifier(), y_train)
predictions = cls.predict(X_test)

Relevant publications

If you use auto-sklearn in scientific publications, we would appreciate citations.

Efficient and Robust Automated Machine Learning Matthias Feurer, Aaron Klein, Katharina Eggensperger, Jost Springenberg, Manuel Blum and Frank Hutter Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 28 (2015)

Link to publication.

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Auto-Sklearn 2.0: The Next Generation Matthias Feurer, Katharina Eggensperger, Stefan Falkner, Marius Lindauer and Frank Hutter* arXiv:2007.04074 [cs.LG], 2020

Link to publication.

    title     = {Auto-Sklearn 2.0: Hands-free AutoML via Meta-Learning},
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Also, have a look at the blog on where we regularly release blogposts.

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