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Mobly5637213 days ago25March 08, 202217apache-2.0Python
E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.
3 years ago8gpl-3.0Java
An android app that sets the proxy settings for a wifi access point by using adb
4 years ago1apache-2.0Go
Respounder detects presence of responder in the network.
a year ago2apache-2.0Java
Additional android app for SpaceHunn's ESP8266 DeAuther.
Find3 Android Scanner88
4 years ago11mitJava
An android app that scans Bluetooth and WiFi for FIND3
Wifimatic Android62
5 years ago16Java
Wi-Fi Matic Android App
7 years ago8otherJava
Make android apps believe Wifi is connected
3 months ago2gpl-3.0Java
WLANScanner is an Android App for analysing the WiFi networks in range.
8 years ago6apache-2.0Java
Android app automating logins into Captive Portals often encountered on free and many non-free Wi-Fi hostpots
5 years ago10apache-2.0Java
UnifiedNlp Backend that uses Apple's service to resolve wifi locations. Location calculation is done onboard and wifi locations are cached to minimize data usage.
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Wi-Fi Matic Android App

  • What is Wi-Fi Matic?

Wi-Fi Matic is and Android app that activates and deactivates Wi-Fi of your device automatically depending on your location, helping you to save battery and consumption of data through your operator network.

It detects automatically the location of known Wi-Fi networks (f.i: home, office, etc.), turns on W-Fi when you arrive a place where there is Wi-Fi, and turns it off when you leave.

You will simply notice that your device automatically uses Wi-Fi in the usual places where you have Wi-Fi access, while it keeps Wi-Fi off where you don't have it.

  • How does it work?

It DOES NOT USE GPS neither requires to have Android network location services enabled, as it uses your operator network cell identifiers (cell tower identifiers) as the relative location where you are, and where your Wi-Fi networks are. It is designed to minimize usage of resources and battery.

Wi-Fi Matic detects and learns automatically locations where you are connected to a Wi-Fi, and doesn't need configuration. Besides, it allows you to manage manually your Wi-Fi when needed not interfering with you or with your device data connections.

Check: https://sites.google.com/site/wifimaticapp

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