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bounty-targets TravisCI License

What's it for

This project crawls all the Hackerone, Bugcrowd, & other bug bounty platform scopes hourly and dumps them into the bounty-targets-data repository:

Supported platforms:

  • Hackerone
  • Bugcrowd
  • Intigriti
  • Hackenproof
  • YesWeHack
  • Federacy


If you want to run bounty-targets yourself you can follow these steps:

  1. Clone the project and install the dependencies with bundle

  2. Set the following environment variables:

    • SENTRY_DSN: (Optional) Sentry API key for exception tracking.
    • SSH_PRIV_KEY: An SSH private key that is authorized to write to the github project you want to push data to.
    • SSH_PUB_KEY: The public key corresponding to SSH_PRIV_KEY.
    • GIT_HOST: The github project to write to. For this project it's [email protected]:arkadiyt/bounty-targets-data.git.
  3. Execute bin/bounty-targets

Getting in touch

Feel free to contact me on twitter:

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