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Phantomjs29,07416 months agoJanuary 08, 201811bsd-3-clauseC++
Scriptable Headless Browser
Pikaso14243 months ago44March 17, 202312mitTypeScript
Seamless, headless and fully tested HTML5 Canvas library
Leaflet Headless8816124 years ago15July 22, 20178JavaScript
Leaflet for node.
Node Canvas Webgl71
3 months ago3mitJavaScript
Integration of node-canvas and headless-gl.
Headless Render10
6 years agoJavaScript
Captures the content of the canvas elements in a given url using Phantom.js and returns an array of buffer data. Can be used for rendering the output from front-end canvas drawing libraries (like p5.js, chart.js, etc.) on a node.js backend.
Ob Javascript9
6 years ago1Emacs Lisp
Node Webkit Canvas2
7 years agoJavaScript
The beginnings of something beautiful (on the server)
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PhantomJS - Scriptable Headless WebKit

PhantomJS ( is a headless WebKit scriptable with JavaScript. The latest stable release is version 2.1.

Important: PhantomJS development is suspended until further notice (see #15344 for more details).

Use Cases

  • Headless web testing. Lightning-fast testing without the browser is now possible!
  • Page automation. Access and manipulate web pages with the standard DOM API, or with usual libraries like jQuery.
  • Screen capture. Programmatically capture web contents, including CSS, SVG and Canvas. Build server-side web graphics apps, from a screenshot service to a vector chart rasterizer.
  • Network monitoring. Automate performance analysis, track page loading and export as standard HAR format.


  • Multiplatform, available on major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unices.
  • Fast and native implementation of web standards: DOM, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas, and SVG. No emulation!
  • Pure headless (no X11) on Linux, ideal for continuous integration systems. Also runs on Amazon EC2, Heroku, and
  • Easy to install: Download, unpack, and start having fun in just 5 minutes.


PhantomJS is free software/open source, and is distributed under the BSD license. It contains third-party code, see the included third-party.txt file for the license information on third-party code.

PhantomJS is created and maintained by @ariyahidayat, with the help of many contributors.

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