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Arch-boxes provides automated builds of the Arch Linux releases for different providers and formats.



If you're a vagrant user, you can just go to our Vagrant Cloud page and follow the instructions there.

Cloud image

If you want to run Arch Linux in the cloud, you can use our cloud-image, which is preconfigured to work in most cloud environments. It is built daily and can be downloaded here (Arch-Linux-x86_64-cloudimg-xxxxxxxx.xxxx.qcow2).

The default user is arch.

If you are running the cloud-image with QEMU, it can in some cases* be beneficial to run the QEMU guest-agent. This can be done with the following user-data:

  - qemu-guest-agent
  - [ systemctl, daemon-reload ]
  - [ systemctl, enable, qemu-guest-agent ]
  - [ systemctl, start, qemu-guest-agent ]

*ex: when using Proxmox or oVirt. Please be aware, that the agent basically gives the host root access to the guest.

Be advised, however, that our automatic builds are cleaned up after a few days so you can't hard-code a specific image version anywhere.

You can use this snippet to always get the most recent image and check its integrity (you need to install hq for this):

most_recent=$(curl -Ls '' | grep cloudimg | grep -vi sha256 | hq a attr href | sed "s|artifacts/file|artifacts/raw|")
curl -LO  "$most_recent"{,.SHA256}
sha256sum -c $(basename $most_recent).SHA256



You'll need the following dependencies:

  • vagrant (for vagrant images)
  • qemu
  • libisoburn

How to build this

The official builds are done in our Arch Linux GitLab CI.


Development workflow

Merge requests and general development shall be made on the master branch.

We have CI in place to build all images even for merge requests.

Release workflow

Releases are done automatically via GitLab CI schedule. No manual intervention is required or desired.

Checking cloud-init support in our cloud image:

Please see the example in man cloud-localds.

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