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Logging Utility & Daemon

Read log data from Inputs [Tail Files, Stdin, Monit], perform transforms [Combine lines(multi-line-errors)] and output to [ElasticSearch, Stdout] Recognize lines with metrics and send to Monitoring [Graphite, InfluxDB, ..]



We had 2 needs: 1) to send data to Elasticsearch for viewing in and 2) if possible, unify the Logging/Metrics systems data-collection-forwarding.

There are probably better tools out there for this but putting together the specific combination of: (LogStash format in Elasticsearch, Tail files, Read Kafka, Metrics read from log files) didn't happen, see alternates below.


  • Inputs
    • Stdin
    • Tail Logs (multiple files)
    • Monit (metrics via http)
    • Http (custom)
  • Transforms:
    • Logstash
    • Colorizer for console
    • Concat into single line when needed (e.g. error stack trace)
    • Separate Metrics Log Lines from regular log lines
    • Custom plugins
  • Log Line Outputs
    • Stdout (optional colorized)
    • Elasticsearch
  • Metric Outputs
    • Graphite



loges --source=monit,tail --filter=stdfiles --out=elasticsearch --metrics=graphite \
   /path/to/my/file \

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