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Portainer24,9641a day ago78April 21, 20211,087zlibGo
Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.
Trivy16,7112512 hours ago176September 16, 2022383apache-2.0Go
Find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, secrets, SBOM in containers, Kubernetes, code repositories, clouds and more
Authelia15,853111 hours ago34September 19, 2022110apache-2.0Go
The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor portal for web apps
Vitess15,7866612 hours ago397September 01, 2022826apache-2.0Go
Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL.
Cilium14,7601512 hours ago547September 14, 20221,098apache-2.0Go
eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability
Teleport14,020611 hours ago252July 29, 20212,425apache-2.0Go
The easiest, most secure way to access infrastructure.
Linkerd29,4401112 hours ago108March 23, 2022265apache-2.0Go
Ultralight, security-first service mesh for Kubernetes. Main repo for Linkerd 2.x.
Kubescape8,139213 hours ago142September 19, 202270apache-2.0Go
Kubescape is an open-source Kubernetes security platform for your IDE, CI/CD pipelines, and clusters. It includes risk analysis, security, compliance, and misconfiguration scanning, saving Kubernetes users and administrators precious time, effort, and resources.
Devops Resources6,762
a day ago12Groovy
DevOps resources - Linux, Jenkins, AWS, SRE, Prometheus, Docker, Python, Ansible, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, OpenStack, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, GCP
13 hours ago64September 20, 2022138otherGo
Netmaker makes networks with WireGuard. Netmaker automates fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks.
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Starboard is joining Trivy.

We've announced our plans to discontinue Starboard and merge it into Trivy.

Starboard CLI has been reintroduced as trivy kubernetes command and starboard-operator with a focus on trivy capabilities is available as Trivy-Operator.

We will not be accepting new features/pull requests/issues. we encourage you to contribute to Trivy-Operator and Trivy CLI and influence the future of Trivy Kubernetes.

for more info and discussions

Checkout the latest : What's next for Trivy Q&A

Starboard logo

Kubernetes-native security toolkit.

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There are lots of security tools in the cloud native world, created by Aqua and by others, for identifying and informing users about security issues in Kubernetes workloads and infrastructure components. However powerful and useful they might be, they tend to sit alongside Kubernetes, with each new product requiring users to learn a separate set of commands and installation steps in order to operate them and find critical security information.

Starboard attempts to integrate heterogeneous security tools by incorporating their outputs into Kubernetes CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) and from there, making security reports accessible through the Kubernetes API. This way users can find and view the risks that relate to different resources in what we call a Kubernetes-native way.

Starboard provides:

  • Automated vulnerability scanning for Kubernetes workloads.
  • Automated configuration audits for Kubernetes resources with predefined rules or custom Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies.
  • Automated infrastructures scanning and compliance checks with CIS Benchmarks published by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).
  • Automated compliance report - NSA, CISA Kubernetes Hardening Kubernetes Guidance v1.0
  • Penetration test results for a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Custom Resource Definitions and a Go module to work with and integrate a range of security scanners.
  • The Octant Plugin and the Lens Extension that make security reports available through familiar Kubernetes interfaces.

Starboard Overview

Starboard can be used:

  • As a Kubernetes operator to automatically update security reports in response to workload and other changes on a Kubernetes cluster - for example, initiating a vulnerability scan when a new Pod is started or running CIS Benchmarks when a new Node is added.

  • As a command, so you can trigger scans and view the risks in a kubectl-compatible way or as part of your CI/CD pipeline.


Although we are trying to keep new releases backward compatible with previous versions, this project is still incubating, and some APIs and Custom Resource Definitions may change.


The official Documentation provides detailed installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and quick start guides.

Learn how to install the Starboard command From the Binary Releases and follow the Getting Started guide to generate your first vulnerability and configuration audit reports.

You can install the Starboard Operator with Static YAML Manifests and follow the Getting Started guide to see how vulnerability and configuration audit reports are generated automatically.

Read more about the motivations for the project in the Starboard: The Kubernetes-Native Toolkit for Unifying Security blog.


At this early stage we would love your feedback on the overall concept of Starboard. Over time, we'd love to see contributions integrating different security tools so that users can access security information in standard, Kubernetes-native ways.

  • See Contributing for information about setting up your development environment, and the contribution workflow that we expect.
  • See Roadmap for tentative features in a 1.0.0 release.

Starboard is an Aqua Security open source project.
Learn about our Open Source Work and Portfolio.
Join the community, and talk to us about any matter in GitHub Discussions or Slack.

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