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Hamlit9761,804144 months ago117February 03, 2022otherRuby
High Performance Haml Implementation
Sinatra Partial105754216 years ago11July 28, 20173otherRuby
Just the partials helper in a gem. That is all.
Sinatra Prawn46
212 years ago3August 10, 20145mitRuby
Sinatra extension to add support for pdf rendering with Prawn templates.
React Sinatra37
5 years ago2January 19, 20171mitRuby
React on Sinatra Integration, Server Side Rendering
Tilt Jbuilder2246266 years ago12January 30, 20163mitRuby
Support for rendering Jbuilder templates in Tilt
Sinatra Markaby9
14 years ago3August 10, 20141mitRuby
Sinatra plugin to enable markaby (.mab) template rendering
Cells Sinatra9
13 years agoRuby
View Components for Sinatra.
Ruby Oc5317 years ago5November 10, 20152mitRuby
OpenComponents for Ruby
Tumblr Dashboard Rss Sinatra App5
12 years agoRuby
Sinatra application for rendering tumblr dashboard rss
Chuck Renderer4
6 years ago2gpl-3.0CSS
Docker image for ChucK rendering as a service
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Sinatra Cells

View Components for Sinatra


Cells are object-oriented view components for your MVC-apps. They provide a decent way for encapsulating logic and rendering - thus helping in creating reusable widgets.

For a detailed discussion on cells see github.com/apotonick/cells


Rendering cells in your Sinatra app is easy.

require 'cells-sinatra'

MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  helpers Cells::Sinatra

  get "/" do
    @top_posts = render_cell(:post, :top10)

    # ... do more


Copyright © 2010, Nick Sutterer

Released under the MIT License.

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