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Vue.js utility component to show and hide components based on breakpoints

📺 Demo

🔧 Install

npm i vue-breakpoints

yarn add vue-breakpoints

👈 Usage

    <hide-at breakpoint="medium">
      <mobile-nav />
    <show-at breakpoint="mediumAndAbove">

  import {showAt, hideAt} from 'vue-breakpoints'
  export default {
    components: { hideAt, showAt }


You can pass following values as a breakpoint:

  • small
  • mediumAndBelow
  • medium
  • mediumAndAbove
  • largeAndBelow
  • large

Default Breakpoints

Default breakpoints are

small: 744,
medium: 1128,
large: Infinity

but they can be overwritten if you pass an object to the breakpoints prop.

<show-at :breakpoints="{small: 620, medium: 1280, large: 1600}" breakpoint="medium">


prop default type description
breakpoints undefined Object Important that if you pass the object you only use small, medium and large as the childs.
breakpoint '' String Breakpoint where it should show or hide small, mediumAndBelow, medium, mediumAndAbove, largeAndBelow, large

📜 Changelog

Details changes for each release are documented in the

❗️ Issues

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💪 Contribution

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