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We’re archiving Anvil Connect and all related packages. This code is entirely MIT Licensed. You’re free to do with it what you want. That said, we are recommending against using it, due to the potential for security issues arising from unmaintained software. For more information, see the announcement at

W3C Web Cryptography API (@trust/webcrypto)

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W3C Web Cryptography API for Node.js

W3C's Web Cryptography API defines a standard interface for performing cryptographic operations in JavaScript, such as key generation, hashing, signing, and encryption. This package implements the API for Node.js, in order to support universal crypto-dependent code required by protocols such as JOSE and OpenID Connect.

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The purpose of this package is to enable development of universal JavaScript libraries that depend on the availability of cryptographic primitives in order to implement cryptographic protocols. The long term goal of the project is to encourage or provide a native, if not core Web Cryptography module.


@trust/webcrypto requires recent versions of node and npm to run. For key generation operations, it also requires OpenSSL to be installed on the system.

$ npm install @trust/webcrypto --save

Not for use in Webpack

This library is not for use in Webpack.

The whole point of this library is that it's an exact duplicate of the browser's WebCrypto API, for the server side.

For Webpacked web applications, you don't need it (and can't use it). If this module is transitively included by another dependency, you have to exclude it by adding it to the externals section in the Webpack config, such as this:

externals: {
  '@trust/webcrypto': 'crypto'


const crypto = require('@trust/webcrypto')



$ git clone [email protected]:anvilresearch/webcrypto.git
$ cd webcrypto
$ npm install


$ npm test

Supported Algorithms

Algorithm name encrypt decrypt sign verify digest generateKey deriveKey deriveBits importKey exportKey wrapKey unwrapKey
ECDH _ _ _ _ _
HKDF _ _ _
PBKDF2 _ _ _


Implemented _ Currently not implemented Partially implemented, only certain paramaters supported.

Partial Support

Only the following paramaters are supported for the corresponding algorithm.

Algorithm name Supported paramater
ECDSA K-256 (secp256k1), P-256, P-384, P-512
EDDSA ed25519
AES-CTR sha-1


See W3C Web Cryptography API specification and diafygi's webcrypto-examples.



  • Please file issues :)
  • When writing a bug report, include relevant details such as platform, version, relevant data, and stack traces
  • Ensure to check for existing issues before opening new ones
  • Read the documentation before asking questions
  • It is strongly recommended to open an issue before hacking and submitting a PR
  • We reserve the right to close an issue for excessive bikeshedding

Pull requests


  • We're not presently accepting unsolicited pull requests
  • Create an issue to discuss proposed features before submitting a pull request
  • Create an issue to propose changes of code style or introduce new tooling
  • Ensure your work is harmonious with the overall direction of the project
  • Ensure your work does not duplicate existing effort
  • Keep the scope compact; avoid PRs with more than one feature or fix
  • Code review with maintainers is required before any merging of pull requests
  • New code must respect the style guide and overall architecture of the project
  • Be prepared to defend your work

Style guide

  • ES6
  • Standard JavaScript
  • jsdocs

Code reviews

  • required before merging PRs
  • reviewers MUST run and test the code under review


Weekly project meeting

  • Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 Eastern US time at [TBD]
  • Join remotely with Google Hangouts

Pair programming

  • Required for new contributors
  • Work directly with one or more members of the core development team

Code of conduct


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 Anvil Research, Inc.

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