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Neural Networks and Deep Learning

by Michael Nielsen

This is an attempt to convert online version of Michael Nielsen's book 'Neural Networks and Deep Learning' into LaTeX source.

Current status

  1. Chapter 1: done
  2. Chapter 2: done
  3. Chapter 3: done
  4. Chapter 4: includes a lot of interactive JS-based elements. In progress. By now, interactive elements are replaced with intuitive (I hope) graphs, but text is not fully adapted.
  5. Chapter 5: done
  6. Chapter 6: done

I observed some missed Python code in the online version of

   print('The corresponding test accuracy is {0:.2
   print("Best validation accuracy of {0:.2
      best_validation_accuracy, best_iteration))
   print("Corresponding test accuracy of {0:.2

So, these parts were replaced with the correct ones from the source code repo.

Can be compiled into any desired format, using XeLaTeX — with any desired font.

As a general design, I used my PhD thesis style: 17x24 cm paper, 9pt font, Charter/Mathdesign, own designed chapter titles, chapter labels etc.

Typography adjusted (- → –, "" → “ ”)

Bibliography — maybe to collect all cited research papers?

Update 07.10.2018

Equation numbering is updated to sequential as in the original online book. Please note that some numbers are missing (e.g. 40-41), since some equations in the online book are multiline with a label on every line. I use the same tags/numbers as in the book.

Epub 01.11.2019

Epub version added.

pandoc -s --mathml book.tex -o book.epub

converts source latex files into epub with formulas redneder by MathML. MathML works correctly in Calibre.

Please note: pandoc does not produce images from tikzpicture, therefore chapter 4 in epub is corrupted with missing images. It in much better to check Chapter 4 online anyway, since it contains interactive elements.

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