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JOAL is not designed to help or encourage you downloading illegal materials ! You must respect the law applicable in your country. I couldn't be held responsible for illegal activities performed by your usage of JOAL.

Official Docker Hub page:


This is the server application (with an optional webui), if you are interested in the desktop app look at here.

Which client can JOAL emulate?

Client Support Comment Client Support Comment
BitComet Numwant mess Will never be ! Transmission Yes
BitTorrent Yes µTorrent Yes
Deluge Yes Vuze Azureus Yes
qBittorrent Yes Vuze Leap Yes
rTorrent Yes

If your favorite client is not yet supported feel free to ask (except for BitComet).
Ask for it in GitHub issues or mail [email protected].




1. Setting up configuration

In the folder of your choice (ie: /home/anthony/joal-conf), download the latest tar.gz release and extract config.json clients and torrents, this folder will be our joal-conf.

It must look similar to this:

2. Run with Java

java -jar ./jack-of-all-trades-X.X.X.jar --joal-conf="PATH_TO_CONF"
  • --joal-conf=PATH_TO_CONF is a required argument: path to the joal-conf folder (ie: /home/anthony/joal-conf).

By default the web-ui is disabled, you can enable it with some more arguments:
  • --spring.main.web-environment=true: to enable the web context.
  • --server.port=YOUR_PORT: the port to be used for both HTTP and WebSocket connection.
  • --joal.ui.path.prefix="SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH": use your own complicated path here (this will be your first layer of security to keep joal secret). This is security though obscurity, but it is required in our case. This must contains only alphanumeric characters (no slash, backslash, or any other non-alphanum char)
  • --joal.ui.secret-token="SECRET_TOKEN": use your own secret token here (this is some kind of a password, choose a complicated one).

Once joal is started head to: http://localhost:port/SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH/ui/ (obviously, replace SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH) by the value you had chosen The joal.ui.path.prefix might seems useless but it's actually crucial to set it as complex as possible to prevent peoples to know that joal is running on your server.

If you want to use iframe you may also pass the joal.iframe.enabled=true argument. If you don't known what that is just ignore it.

2. Run with Docker

In next command you have to replace PATH_TO_CONF, PORT, SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH and SECRET_TOKEN with your desired values.

docker run -d \
    -p PORT:PORT \
    -v PATH_TO_CONF:/data \
    --name="joal" \
    anthonyraymond/joal \
    --joal-conf="/data" \
    --spring.main.web-environment=true \
    --server.port="PORT" \
    --joal.ui.path.prefix="SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH" \

Or the equivalent docker-compose service.

version: "2"
    image: anthonyraymond/joal
    container_name: joal
    restart: unless-stopped
      - PATH_TO_CONF:/data
      - PORT:PORT
    command: ["--joal-conf=/data", "--spring.main.web-environment=true", "--server.port=PORT", "--joal.ui.path.prefix=SECRET_OBFUSCATION_PATH", "--joal.ui.secret-token=SECRET_TOKEN"]

Multiple architectures are available at If you want to run on arm (raspberry) replace anthonyraymond/joal with anthonyraymond/joal:X.X.X-arm where X.X.X are the desired version of joal.

3. Start seeding

Just add some .torrent files to the joal-conf/torrents folder. There is no need to restart JOAL to add more torrents, add it to the folder and JOAL will be aware of after few seconds.

If WebUi is enabled you can also drag and drop torrents in the joal ui.

Configuration file

Application configuration

The application configuration belongs in joal-conf/config.json.

  "minUploadRate" : 30,
  "maxUploadRate" : 160,
  "simultaneousSeed" : 20,
  "client" : "qbittorrent-3.3.16.client",
  "keepTorrentWithZeroLeechers" : true
  • minUploadRate : The minimum uploadRate you want to fake (in kB/s) (required)
  • maxUploadRate : The maximum uploadRate you want to fake (in kB/s) (required)
  • simultaneousSeed : How many torrents should be seeding at the same time (required)
  • client : The name of the .client file to use in joal-conf/clients/ (required)
  • keepTorrentWithZeroLeechers: should JOAL keep torrent with no leechers or seeders. If yes, torrent with no peers will be seed at 0kB/s. If false torrents will be deleted on 0 peers reached. (required)

Supported browser (for web-ui)

Client Support Comment
Google Chrome yes
Mozilla Firefox yes
Opera yes
Opera mini no Lack of referrer-policy & No support for WebSocket
Safari no Lack of referrer-policy
Edge no Lack of referrer-policy
Internet explorer no Not enough space to explain...

Some non-supported browser might works, but they may be unsafe due to the lack of support for referrer-policy.

Community projects

Those projects are maintained by their individual authors, if you have any question on how to use it use the corresponding repository to ask questions.


This project use a modified version of the awesome mpetazzoni/ttorrent library. Thanks to mpetazzoni for this. Also this project has benefited from the help of several peoples, see


Thanks for providing Jetbrain license

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