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A simple demo project for The Movie DB based on MVVM clean architecture.

App Features

  • Users can view list of the latest movies of their choice.
  • Users can view list of the latest Tv series of their choice.
  • Users can filter the movies or tv series based on popularity, upcoming and top rated.
  • Users can search for any movie or tv series of their choice.
  • Users can click on any movie or tv series to watch the trailers of their choice.

App Architecture

Based on mvvm architecture and repository pattern.

The app includes the following main components:

  • A local database that servers as a single source of truth for data presented to the user.
  • A web api service.
  • A repository that works with the database and the api service, providing a unified data interface.
  • A ViewModel that provides data specific for the UI.
  • The UI, which shows a visual representation of the data in the ViewModel.
  • Unit Test cases for API service, Database, Repository and ViewModel.

App Packages

  • data - contains
    • api - contains the api classes to make api calls to MovieDB server, using Retrofit.
    • db - contains the db classes to cache network data.
    • repository - contains the repository classes, responsible for triggering api requests and saving the response in the database.
  • di - contains dependency injection classes, using Dagger2.
  • ui - contains classes needed to display Activity and Fragment.
  • util - contains classes needed for activity/fragment redirection, ui/ux animations.

App Specs

  • Minimum SDK 16
  • Java8 (in master branch) & Kotlin (in kotlin_support branch)
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Android Architecture Components (LiveData, Lifecycle, ViewModel, Room Persistence Library, Navigation Component, ConstraintLayout)
  • RxJava2 for implementing Observable pattern.
  • Dagger 2 for dependency injection.
  • Retrofit 2 for API integration.
  • Gson for serialisation.
  • Okhhtp3 for implementing interceptor, logging and mocking web server.
  • Mockito for implementing unit test cases
  • Picasso for image loading.
  • Custom Views: Loading, Side Menu

Sample App

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