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High-quality Web Components with a small footprint Thank you so much for showing interest in this project! If you want to help us feed our Octocat you should definitely become a stargazer. These web components are built to be used. They are lightweight, have a simple API and are easy to extend and compose. Go here to see a demo

  • High-quality: Centered around the best practices.
  • Testable: Hundreds of test-cases makes sure the library is stable.
  • Easy-to-use: But with a simple and understandable API.
  • Accessible: All components has been build with accessibility in mind.
  • Single-responsibility: Each component does one thing really well. This makes them really easy to extend and compose.


➤ Table of Contents


➤ Demo

Go here to try the demo.


➤ Installation

$ npm i weightless

If you want to get started super quickly you can use the CLI.

$ npm init web-config new my-project --lit

If you prefer to use the umd bundle you can import Keep in mind that this imports all elements, so it is recommended that you only use it for test purposes.

<script src=""></script>


➤ Elements

Name Tag Description Documentation Demo
Backdrop wl-backdrop Dark layer to use behind overlayed elements. Documentation Demo
Banner wl-banner Display a non-interruptive message and related optional actions. Documentation Demo
Button wl-button Allow users to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap. Documentation Demo
Card wl-card Group related content and action. Documentation Demo
Checkbox wl-checkbox Turn an option on or off. Documentation Demo
Dialog wl-dialog Highly interruptive messages. Documentation Demo
Divider wl-divider Thin line that groups content in lists and layouts. Documentation Demo
Expansion wl-expansion Provide an expandable details-summary view. Documentation Demo
Icon wl-icon Symbols for common actions and items. Documentation Demo
Label wl-label Make form elements more accessible. Documentation Demo
List Item wl-list-item Display an item in a list. Documentation Demo
Nav wl-nav Provide access to destinations in your app. Documentation Demo
Popover wl-popover Contextual anchored elements Documentation Demo
Popover Card wl-popover-card Give popovers a contextual flair. Documentation Demo
Progress Bar wl-progress-bar Fills a bar from 0% to 100%. Documentation Demo
Progress Spinner wl-progress-spinner Fills a circle from 0% to 100%. Documentation Demo
Radio wl-radio Select one option from a set. Documentation Demo
Ripple wl-ripple Indicate touch actions. Documentation Demo
Select wl-select Select one or more values from a set of options. Documentation Demo
Slider wl-slider Make selections from a range of values. Documentation Demo
Snackbar wl-snackbar Provide brief messages at the bottom of the screen. Documentation Demo
Switch wl-switch Turn an option on or off. Documentation Demo
Tab wl-tab Organize navigation between groups of content. Documentation Demo
Tab Group wl-tab-group Organize navigation between groups of content. Documentation Demo
Text wl-text Group text into paragraphs. Documentation Demo
Textarea wl-textarea Multiline text fields. Documentation Demo
Textfield wl-textfield Singleline text fields. Documentation Demo
Title wl-title Indicate the start of a new section. Documentation Demo
Tooltip wl-tooltip Informative context related text. Documentation Demo


➤ Roadmap

There's lots of exciting things on the roadmap. Until v1.0.0 you can expect the API to be fairly stable but refactoring might still happen and break the backwards compatibility. You are very welcome to use the library, create pull requests or add issues.


➤ Contributing guide

You are more than welcome to contribute to this repository! Below are some instructions on how to setup the project for development.

  1. Clone this repository by running git clone
  2. Run npm i to install all dependencies.
  3. Spin up the development server with npm run s. The browser should automatically be opened at the correct url. If not, you can open your browser and go to http://localhost:1350.
  4. Run tests with npm run test.
  5. Lint the files with npm run lint.
  6. Compile the documentation by running npm run docs.

The elements are written in Typescript and the stylesheets are written in SASS. All of the web components uses lit-element.

If you want to know more about how you can help you should definitely check out the file. All contributors will be added to the contributors section below.


➤ Contributors

Andreas Mehlsen You?
Andreas Mehlsen You?


➤ License

Licensed under MIT.

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