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Websocket Server

This library provides a RequestHandler to easily handle Websocket connections using amphp/http-server.


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require amphp/websocket-server


The documentation for this library is currently a work in progress. Pull requests to improve the documentation are always welcome!


  • PHP 7.2+



// Note that this example requires:
// amphp/http-server-router
// amphp/http-server-static-content
// amphp/log

use Amp\Http\Server\HttpServer;
use Amp\Http\Server\Request;
use Amp\Http\Server\Response;
use Amp\Http\Server\Router;
use Amp\Http\Server\StaticContent\DocumentRoot;
use Amp\Log\ConsoleFormatter;
use Amp\Log\StreamHandler;
use Amp\Loop;
use Amp\Promise;
use Amp\Socket\Server;
use Amp\Success;
use Amp\Websocket\Client;
use Amp\Websocket\Message;
use Amp\Websocket\Server\ClientHandler;
use Amp\Websocket\Server\Gateway;
use Amp\Websocket\Server\Websocket;
use Monolog\Logger;
use function Amp\ByteStream\getStdout;
use function Amp\call;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$websocket = new Websocket(new class implements ClientHandler {
    private const ALLOWED_ORIGINS = [
    public function handleHandshake(Gateway $gateway, Request $request, Response $response): Promise
        if (!\in_array($request->getHeader('origin'), self::ALLOWED_ORIGINS, true)) {
            return $gateway->getErrorHandler()->handleError(403);

        return new Success($response);

    public function handleClient(Gateway $gateway, Client $client, Request $request, Response $response): Promise
        return call(function () use ($gateway, $client): \Generator {
            while ($message = yield $client->receive()) {
                \assert($message instanceof Message);
                    '%d: %s',
                    yield $message->buffer()

Loop::run(function () use ($websocket): Promise {
    $sockets = [

    $router = new Router;
    $router->addRoute('GET', '/broadcast', $websocket);
    $router->setFallback(new DocumentRoot(__DIR__ . '/public'));

    $logHandler = new StreamHandler(getStdout());
    $logHandler->setFormatter(new ConsoleFormatter);
    $logger = new Logger('server');

    $server = new HttpServer($sockets, $router, $logger);

    return $server->start();
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