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Kasisto is a Point of Sale payment system to accept the cryptocurrency Monero. The only requirement is an internet connection, there are no third parties involved.

To be fast (confirmation within seconds), Kasisto accepts unconfirmed transactions.

Kasisto in 22 seconds

Try it

If no wallet is configured in the settings, Kasisto will default to a stagenet wallet so it can be easily tested. Download Monerujo and create a stagenet wallet.

Getting Started

Kasisto consists of an app running on a mobile phone or tablet and a server to which the app connects to listen for incoming payments.

The mobile app

Kasisto is implemented as a Progressive Web App. It's targeted to run on any modern mobile browser, including Chrome for Android, Firefox, Safari iOS and Edge. It can be added to the home screen and will run without showing the browser's address bar if done so.

All payment details and configuration settings are stored locally in the app, the server is accessed in a read-only way to listen for incoming transactions.

The server

The server is responsible for communicating with the Monero network and can be located in your local network or anywhere on the internet. It needs to run the Monero daemon, a view-only wallet and a web proxy for handling HTTPS.

For detailed setup instructions, see the server setup docs.


Clone, install dependencies and run yarn to install dependencies. (npm install should work just fine).

To start a local server, run yarn start.


If you want to contribute to Kasisto, you can do so in any of the following ways, in no particular order:

  • Test Kasisto by using it in your cafe, bar or shop. If you have any problems setting things up, open an issue and I'll help!
  • Submit any other issue or a pull request
  • Look at the existing Issues. Not everything is about development, the labels help-wanted and research are mainly configuration / maintenance stuff and actual real-world research.

You can also support the project by donating to the following address:


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