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Welcome to bracket-lib

You can read a tutorial series on writing a Roguelike with this library at:

What happened to RLTK?

This is RLTK, renamed because it is increasingly finding usage outside of just Roguelikes. It's also been divided into a number of crates, to make it easy to pick-and-choose the features you need.

  • rltk crate wraps bracket-lib and re-exports in the rltk:: and rltk::prelude namespace. This preserves compatibility with all existing RLTK projects.
  • bracket-algorithm-traits exposes the traits required for the various algorithm systems in other crates.
  • bracket-color is my RGB/HSV color management system.
  • bracket-geometry exposes various geometric primitives and helpers. Supports other crates.
  • bracket-noise is a port of Auburn's FastNoise to Rust.
  • bracket-pathfinding provides a high-performance A* (A-Star) pathing system, as well as Dijkstra maps.
  • bracket-random is a dice-oriented random number generator, including parsing of RPG-style dice strings such as 3d6+12.

Using bracket-lib

In your Cargo.toml file, include:

bracket-lib = "0.7"

Feature Flags

There are a few feature flags designed to aide integration with other systems:

  • specs tells various bracket-lib sub-systems to export important primitives as having Specs' Component type applied.
  • serde tells various bracket-lib sub-systems to support using Serde for serialization/de-serialization.


  • threaded enables multi-threading on some sub-systems.

Terminal mode:

By default, bracket-lib runs in OpenGL mode (or WebGL if it detects that you are compiling for wasm32-unknown-unknown). If you want to use other rendering back-ends, disable default features and apply one of the following feature flags:

  • amethyst_engine_vulkan for Amethyst support, in Vulkan mode.
  • amethyst_engine_metal for Amethyst support, in Metal mode.
  • crossterm to use the excellent Crossterm terminal library.
  • curses to use pancurses for ncurses or pdcurses support depending upon your platform.

Sample Projects

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