Docker native solution for running Laravel projects. From Development to Production
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Keeping it uniform between development, staging and production environments is often something not easy. On the last years, our buddy Docker has become more and more mature and now it's becoming the standard.

We all love Laravel and Vue.JS, but why develop a Rock Star code with a Kick-Ass framework without an awesome environment?

No more "it worked on my machine"!

What is does?

Ambientum can help you doing some amazing things, the 3 main scenarios are listed above:

  • Run Laravel and/or Vue.JS in Development.
  • Run Laravel and/or Vue.JS in Production (Continuous Integration included).
  • Replace local dependencies with Docker commands.

What do I need to know before getting started?

Before staging with Ambientum, a few pieces of knowledge must be in place:

For replacing local commands:

  • The basics of Docker and Containers.
  • Being comfortable around the command line.

For running a development Laravel or Vue.JS environment:

  • Know how to operate docker-compose.


Docker compose shipped with Docker is usually very old. Please have the latest version installed from Github at


If you are already comfortable with the tools and have played around Ambientum, here are the set of images available for usage, so you can start building your environment with the tools that you may want.

Repository Images/Tags Description
ambientum/php 7.3, latest PHP v7.3 for command line and queues
7.3-nginx, latest-nginx PHP v7.3 with Nginx web server
7.2 PHP v7.2 for command line and queues
7.2-nginx PHP v7.2 with Nginx web server
7.1 PHP v7.1 for command line and queues
7.1-nginx PHP v7.1 with Nginx web server
ambientum/node 11, latest, current Node.js CURRENT (v11.x_
10, lts Node.js LTS (v10.x)

Quick usage guide

Replacing local commands:

With Ambientum, you may replace local Node.JS and PHP installations.

That's due usage of Ambientum/CLI

Installing Ambientum CLI:

Option 1: Using a locally installed NPM.

npm -g install @ambientum/cli

Option 2: Using pre-built binaries at

curl -L`uname -s` -o /usr/local/bin/amb
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/amb


Everything Node.JS related can be executed by amb -n.

amb -n npm -g install @vue/cli
amb -n vue create my-project

Everything PHP related can be executed by amb -p.

amb -p composer create laravel/laravel my-project

Or even run php against a single file:

amb -p php test.php

Running Projects

In order to use those images, you may use manually docker-compose.yml creation, or use amb to generate for you!

amb init
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