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Ⅰ. Introduction


"Taisite-Platform" is an interface automation test platform developed by "Software Testing & Machine Learning Enthusiasts".


The platform is dedicated to effectively combining artificial intelligence technology with software testing, enabling the platform to be more intelligent and generalized while ensuring test accuracy requirements and optimize the user experience at the same time. The goal is to become the most intimate, best-used, highest value open source test platform.

Technology stack

The platform follows the idea of "separate development frontend and backend". The technology stack is: "Python + Vue + Mongodb".

***(Thanks for the inspiration that this open source project brought to me.)***

User environment

Chrome is a good choice

Open source protocol


Ⅱ. Taisite-platform features (os: What is the difference between other test platforms?)

0. It has been put into production environment for more than 1 year, it is stable~

  1. The platform follows a "small but fine" strategy to maximize the development of all features and cost-effectiveness, helping test teams quickly build easy-to-follow/maintain interfaces   automated test system.

  2. The platform follows the "zero-encoding" principle, and users can complete more complex business process interface tests without programming.

  3. The platform follows the principle of “good-looking is justice” and the operation interface is shown as follows:


  1. The platform has an excellent timed task experience. After starting the scheduled task, you can disable/arbitrarily edit the task content and take effect immediately. It also has a rich alarm strategy.   The page is shown below:


  1. The platform has import/export capabilities that support testers "favorite" Excel format for easy batch generation/modification of use cases.


  1. The platform has a rich test result verification system and supports text similarity verification. (get more detail)

  2. The platform provides a test task scheduling interface to facilitate integration with development projects.

  3. ......

(There are so many amazing little features waiting for you to explore & tap)

Ⅲ .Taisite-platform function diagram ( em.. you need to translate by yourself :))




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how to use

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V . Contact me

if you have any questions , feel free to email me , [email protected].

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