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Awesome Open Source

Bug Tracker | PERN-TypeScript

Bug tracking app made with PERN + TS


Deployed on Netlify (front-end) & Heroku (back-end)

Built using



  • Node.js - Runtime environment for JS
  • Express.js - Node.js framework, makes process of building APIs easier & faster
  • PostgreSQL - Opens-source SQL database to store data
  • TypeORM - TS-based ORM for mostly SQL-based databases
  • JSON Web Token - A standard to secure/authenticate HTTP requests
  • Bcrypt.js - For hashing passwords
  • Dotenv - To load environment variables from a .env file


  • Authentication (login/register w/ username & password)
  • CRUD projects, with ability to add members for group work
  • CRUD bugs, with title, description & priority
  • Project members can add, edit, close & reopen bugs etc.
  • Sort projects/bugs by various parameters like priority, recentely closed etc.
  • Filter projects/bugs by name/title & other parameters
  • CRUD notes, for guiding other members
  • Descriptive color indicators for bug priority & status
  • Error management with descriptive messages
  • Toast notifications for actions: creating projects, removing membes etc.
  • Loading spinners for fetching processes
  • Dark mode toggle w/ local storage save
  • Proper responsive UI for all screens



Desktop-1 Desktop-2 Desktop-3 Desktop-4 Desktop-5


Mobile-1 Mobile-2 Mobile-3 Mobile-4


Env variable:

Create a .env file in server directory and add the following:

PORT = 3005
JWT_SECRET = "Your JWT secret"


Open client/src/backendUrl.js & change "backend" variable to "http://localhost:3005"

Run client development server:

cd client
npm install
npm start


Open ormconfig.js & update the local PostgreSQL credentials to match with yours.

To run the migarations, go to server dir & run this command: npm run typeorm migration:run

Run backend development server:

cd server
npm install
npm run dev

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