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Awesome Open Source


This is what I use every day for work, play, and everything else.

You may also like bootstart: the Ansible playbooks I use to provision my workstations/laptops.

Setup is very easy:

$ ./install

The script will symlink all the configs into the right place in the home folder.

All files that are symlinked are recorded in a receipt so they can be rolled-back easily. Simply pass rollback to the install script to delete all symlinks:

$ ./install rollback

If you want it to echo every command it will run without actually changing anything, you can set DEBUG to any value before running:

$ DEBUG=1 ./install

1Password SSH Agent

The default ~/.ssh/config provides public key identities to map keys to host patterns. This expects that you either have an ssh-agent preloaded with all the private keys manually, or have the SSH_AGENT_SOCK pointing to 1Password's SSH Agent socket.

Since this is machine- and OS-dependent, we expect it to be configured externally, such as in $HOME/.env.

Example for macOS:

export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$HOME/Library/Group Containers/"

Example for Linux:

export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$HOME/.1password/agent.sock"
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