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A collection of developer tools for Aegis Authenticator
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A distributed, tag-based pub-sub service for modern web applications and container-driven cloud.
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Debug webauthn with a chrome extension that adds a virtual authenticators tab to devtools
Aegis Tools13
3 months agogpl-3.0Python
A collection of developer tools for Aegis Authenticator
6 years agomitGo
Run Procfiles across a set of directories
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aegis-tools is a collection of developer tools for Aegis Authenticator.


This package is not available on PyPi, so you need to clone the repository and install it manually.

pip install --user git+


The only useful tool for users is decrypt-vault. It can decrypt an Aegis vault given a password.

aegis-tools decrypt-vault --input vault.json > db.json

Developers may find the gen-vault tool useful. It generates vault files for use in Aegis with random issuers, names, icons, secrets, etc.

aegis-tools gen-vault > vault.json

It also has an experimental tool for generating a collection of SVG icons for well-known web services based on the Simple Icons icon collection.

DIR=$(mktemp -d)
aegis-tools gen-icons --output "${DIR}"
echo $DIR

There's also a QR code generator.

aegis-tools gen-qr
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