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Fileshare Applet

Fileshare applet development is inspired mostly by Droplr windows client. Its purpose is to share images over the Internet using on-line services.
By now Imgur service is supported.

Fileshare applet features

  • drag'n'drop image files to 'File Grabber' to upload
  • select screen area to grab, show preview and upload
  • link to the result image is automatically stored in the buffer, just paste to share the link
  • Imgur and Droplr account support: run 'Log in' menu item to connect application to your account (note, that to use Droplr account you'll need to request application keys from the developers, see for more details)

For Linux users

  1. Download and latest DEB package from releases page. Or build a package yourself if you want (requires Docker):
    this will create deb package in dist folder.
  2. Install it with the command:
# apt-get install <path to deb file>

For Windows users:

  1. Download and run PyGTK all-in-one installer:
  2. Run fileshare-setup.exe

Custom keyboard shortcut

Please, note, that not all systems support hotkeys. To check whether your system supports them, open Python console and type:

from gi.repository import Keybinder

If there's no error, shortcuts should work fine.

By default the keyboard shortcut is "<Super>P".
In case it conflicts with your system or you'd like to change it, perform the following:

  1. Start the fileshare application
  2. Quit the app
  3. Edit the file

find the section:

grabscreen = <Super>P

and change "<Super>P" to the desired shortcut.
You may use the following modifiers: <Alt>, <Ctrl>, <Shift>, <Super>

Special thanks to:

  • Droplr developers for idea
  • Weather Indicator Team for first steps in Unity Python toolbar application development
  • VladX, Nanoshot developer for many great PyGTK examples

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