Survey Filler

A One-Click survey/course feedback filler for UET(University of Engineering and Technology) LMS.
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4 years ago224Ruby
GitHub Classroom automates repository creation and access control, making it easy for teachers to distribute starter code and collect assignments on GitHub.
Pupilfirst77058 hours ago16May 30, 2022198otherRuby
A learning management system (LMS) that lets you run an asynchronous online school, where learning is achieved through focused tasks, directed feedback, an iterative workflow, and community interaction.
2 years ago33bsd-3-clausePython
LMS allows teachers and educators to easily provide feedback on student programming work - both manually and automatically.
Survey Filler12
4 years agoJavaScript
A One-Click survey/course feedback filler for UET(University of Engineering and Technology) LMS.
Grading Base3
a month ago1mitShell
Docker: Debian system with convenience grading scripts
Cs Eval Fw2
6 years agoJavaScript
This system, developed in conjunction with Doctor R. Halterman, attempts to offer the ability to build modules from flat files, allow code to be compiled and run in the browser, provide students with immediate feedback, support multiple languages, and offer a module designed specifically for an examination environment.
Alternatives To Survey Filler
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Survey Filler (Chrome Extension)

✅ A One-Click survey/course feedback filler for University of Engineering and Technology (UET) LMS.

It is a Chrome extension that automatically detects whenever you are submitting surveys and provides you 5 options to select from. Once selected, it fills all the answers saving your time. I created this to avoid the frustation of selecting 30 radio buttons!




For now, you can install it manually following these simple steps:

  • Download the extension from here.

  • Unzip it.

  • In Chrome, open chrome://extensions.

  • Enable Developer Mode by clicking the toggle switch in the top right corner.

  • Click the LOAD UNPACKED button and select the extension directory you just unzipped.

Ta-da! The extension has been successfully installed. It will automatically work when you're submitting surveys.

What's Next?

  • [ ] Improve popup, it just shows the title currently
  • [ ] Improve the options alert
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