Osc Js

OSC library for Node.js, Electron, Chrome Apps, Webpages or any other JS application. It comes with a customizable Plugin API for WebSocket, UDP or bridge networking
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
2 months ago2December 01, 20233otherC
Embedded Web Server
Hp Socket5,449115 months ago1September 25, 201721otherC
High Performance TCP/UDP/HTTP Communication Component
6 months ago16apache-2.0Objective-C
一个原创多端IM通信层框架,轻量级、高度提炼,历经8年、久经考验。可能是市面上唯一同时支持UDP+TCP+WebSocket三种协议的同类开源框架,支持 iOS、Android、Java、H5、小程序、Uniapp,服务端基于Netty。
Jetlinks Community4,856
5 months ago17apache-2.0Java
JetLinks 基于Java8,Spring Boot 2.x ,WebFlux,Netty,Vert.x,Reactor等开发, 是一个全响应式的企业级物联网平台。支持统一物模型管理,多种设备,多种厂家,统一管理。统一设备连接管理,多协议适配(TCP,MQTT,UDP,CoAP,HTTP等),屏蔽网络编程复杂性,灵活接入不同厂家不同协议等设备。实时数据处理,设备告警,消息通知,数据转发。地理位置,数据可视化等。能帮助你快速建立物联网相关业务系统。
Cellnet3,8787a year ago3March 11, 20218mitGo
High performance, simple, extensible golang open source network library
Laravel S3,787986 months ago227June 06, 202370mitPHP
LaravelS is an out-of-the-box adapter between Laravel/Lumen and Swoole.
5212 months ago117February 21, 201928mitClojure
Asynchronous streaming communication for Clojure - web server, web client, and raw TCP/UDP
Quantumult X2,316
5 months ago132JavaScript
Netcoreserver2,263166 months ago72December 08, 2023143mitC#
Ultra fast and low latency asynchronous socket server & client C# .NET Core library with support TCP, SSL, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket protocols and 10K connections problem solution
T Io1,706
9 months ago15apache-2.0Java
Alternatives To Osc Js
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