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This projet contains the CMake files necessary to start a C/C++ project targeting the STM32 microcontroller. The toolchain is free and cross-plateform: Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition.

1 - Installation

This section describes the installation of the tools needed to build the example.

1.1 - Sourcery CodeBench Lite

Sourcery CodeBench Lite is a C/C++ toolchain able to produce binaries for the STM32 microcontroller. It can be downloaded from the Menthor Graphics website:

  1. Choose ARM/EABI Release
  2. Fill out the form to receive an email containing a link to the installer. At the time of writting, the recommanded version of the installer is 2011-09-69. During the installation, add the PATH of the arm-eabi-xxx.exe to the environement variables.

1.2 - CMake

CMake is a build system that simplify the managment of large/multiplatform/multilibraries/... projects. Download and install the latest version of CMake: CMake v2.8.8

1.3 - STM32 Libraries: CMSIS & Standard Peripheral Driver

ST provides libraries that simplify the use of the STM32 microcontroller. Download the library package corresponding the STM32 family:

2 - Build the example

The tags section provides somewhat stable releases.

3 - Create a new project

To use the CMake files provided in another projet: The example folder is called $EXAMPLE and the new project folder is referenced as $PROJECT.

  • Copy the $EXAMPLE/CMake folder and $EXAMPLE/CMakeLists.txt into the $PROJECT directory.
  • Open CMakeLists.txt and modify the following variables to reflect the state of the new projet:
    • STM32_FAMILY
    • STM32_DENSITY (only with STM32F10x family)
    • Add/Removes files from the source list in the add_executable statement but keep STM32_SOURCES and STM32_STARTUP_SOURCE.

4 - References

Some links that have proven to be useful during this project:

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