AA Miner (BTC,BCH,LTC,XMR,DASH.. CryptoCoin Miner). Cryptocurrency(based on blockchain) Miner. AA Miner support 50+ algorithms.
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11 days ago2May 08, 2018504gpl-3.0C
RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight and GhostRider unified CPU/GPU miner and RandomX benchmark
Coin Hive1,79285135 years ago28December 18, 201728mitJavaScript
CoinHive cryptocurrency miner for node.js
a month ago11bsd-3-clauseC++
Proof of work algorithm based on random code execution
8 months ago28gpl-3.0C#
Monitors crypto mining pools in real-time in order to find the most profitable for your machine. Controls any miner that is available via command line.
21 days ago86mitC#
A Silent (Hidden) Free Crypto Miner Builder - Supports ETC, RVN, XMR, RTM and much more.
8 days ago7gpl-3.0C++
Decentralized pool for Monero mining
Node Cryptonote Pool77723 years ago1April 01, 2017206gpl-2.0JavaScript
Mining pool for CryptoNote based coins such as Bytecoin and Monero
4 years ago1gpl-3.0Shell
💰 USB flash drive ISO image for Ethereum, Zcash and Monero mining with NVIDIA graphics cards and Ubuntu GNU/Linux (headless)
3 months ago59mitC
Miningcore is a high-performance Mining Pool Software for Linux and Windows.
8 days ago199
Nanominer is a versatile tool for mining cryptocurrencies on GPUs and CPUs.
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AA Miner (BTC,BCH,LTC,XMR,DASH.. CryptoCoin Miner).

Version 1.50 : Performance improvement.

Version 1.48 : Cryptonight V8(CNV2) for XMR (Monero) is added.

AAMiner is Free Cryptocurrency(based on blockchain) Miner.

AA Miner support more than 50 algorithms.

Currently most profitable mining with ARM CPU is cryptonight algorithm mining.

Therefore, we recommend using cryptonight mining such as XMR (Monero), BCN (Bytecoin), and so on or other Altcoins..

It is recommended to use a number less than the number of cores for the thread.

  • How to use
  1. Select Algorithm or CryptoCoin.

  2. Enter the number of threads: Default is Core count. Fewer than Core count is recommended.

  3. Enter Mining pool server URL: Enter the server URL of the mining pool you are using or select a server for Minergate or Nicehash which is automatically entered. Mining pools are Minergate, Nicehash, MiningPoolHub, and so on. Most of Server URL is starting with "stratum+tcp://".

  4. Enter Username: Enter the username of your mining pool. If you do not have an account, touch "Create Account" to create an account. A common username type is E-mail or Username.Worker.

  5. Enter Password: Default is x, most mining pools do not require a real password at mining. In most cases, you can only enter x in your password.

  6. Click the "Start" button

  7. Later you can withdraw cryptocoin from mining pool to your wallet or exchange market wallet such as Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex and so on.

  • ex

Algorithm: XMR(Monero)

Server URL: stratum+tcp://xmr.pool.minergate.com:45700

Username: UserName(Email)

Password: x

  • FAQ

AA Miner is safe because it does not require a wallet address because it is using mining pool.

AA Miner does not require special permissions such as accessibility.

If it freeze your device, use less number of threads.

Turn off battery optimization for background mining.

Don't put any white spaces in Server URL / Username / Password.

  • Features

Background mining(Turn off battery optimization.Also we recommend to screen on for continuous mining and better performance.)

Arbitrary Multi-thread mining

http, https, stratum+tcp protocol is supported

Running on battery

  • Algorithms

XMR (Monero)

DASH (Dash)

LTC (Litecoin)

BTC (Bitcoin)

BCH/BCC (BitcoinCash)

FCN (FantomCoin)

BCN (Bytecoin)

XDN (DigitalNote)

AEON (AeonCoin)

DSH (Dashcoin)

QCN (QuazarCoin)

MCN (MonetaVerde)

INF8 (Infinium-8)

allium: GRLC

axiom: AXIOM (Axiom)

bastion: J (Joincoin)

bitcore: BTX (Bitcore)


blake2s: BLAS (BlakeStar), NEVA (NevaCoin)

blakecoin: BLK (BlackCoin)

bmw: MDT (Midnight)

c11: CHC (ChainCoin)

cryptonight-light: AEON (Aeon)

cryptonight-light V1: TRTL (Turtlecoin)

cryptonight: FCN (FantomCoin),BCN (Bytecoin),XDN (DigitalNote),DSH (Dashcoin),QCN (QuazarCoin),MCN (MonetaVerde),INF8 (Infinium-8),ETN (Electroneum)


cryptonight-v8: XMR (Monero)

decred: DCR (Decred)

dmd-gr: DMD (Diamond)


fresh: FRSH (Freshcoin)

groestl: GRS (Groestlcoin)

heavy: HVC (Heavycoin)

hmq1725: ESP (Espers)

jha: JPC (Jackpotcoin)

keccak: MAX (Maxcoin)

keccakc: CREA (Creativechain)

lbry: LBC (LBRY Credits)

luffa: DOOM (Doomcoin)

lyra2re: CTO (Crypto)

lyra2rev2: VTC (Vertcoin)

lyra2z: XZC (Zcoin)

lyra2zoin (lyra2z330): ZOI (Zoin)

m7m: XMG (Magi)

myr-gr: XMY (MyriadCoin)

neoscrypt: FTC (Feathercoin)

nist5: TAC (Talkcoin)

pentablake: J (Joincoin)


polytimos: PLYS

quark: QRK (Quark)

qubit: GEO (GeoCoin), DGB (DGB-Qubit)


scrypt: LTC (Litecoin),DOGE (Dogecoin),TIPS (Fedoracoin),EMC2 (Einsteinium)

scrypt:N: Adaptive N factor Scrypt

scrypt-jane: LEO (LEOcoin)

scrypt-jane:N: Scrypt-Jane N-Factor

sha256d: BTC (Bitcoin),BCH/BCC (BitcoinCash),BTS (BitShares),FRC (Freicoin),PPC (Peercoin),TRC(Terracoin)


sia: SC (Siacoin)

sib: SIB (SIBCoin)

skein: SKC (Skeincoin)

skein2: LOG (Woodcoin)

timetravel: MAC (Machinecoin)

tribus: DRS (Denarius)


veltor: VLT (Veltor)

x11: DASH (Dash)

x11evo: XRE (Revolvercoin)

x12: GCH (GalaxyCash)

x13: GRC (GridCoin)



x16r: RVN (Ravencoin)

x16s: PGN (Pigeoncoin)

x17: XVG (Verge)

xevan: BSD (BitSend)

yescrypt: BSTY (GlobalBoost-Y),UIS (Unitus)

yescryptr16: YTN (Yenten)

yescryptr32: WAVI

zr5: ZRC (ziftrCOIN)

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