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Horusec Examples Vulnerabilities

Table of contents

1. About

2. Documentation

3. Contributing

4. License

5. Community


This repository contains some vulnerabilities examples for you to test Horusec's analysis.


For more information about Horusec, please check out the documentation.


If you want to contribute to this repository, access our Contributing Guide.

Developer Certificate of Origin - DCO

This is a security layer for the project and for the developers. It is mandatory.

Follow one of these two methods to add DCO to your commits:

1. Command line Follow the steps: Step 1: Configure your local git environment adding the same name and e-mail configured at your GitHub account. It helps to sign commits manually during reviews and suggestions.

git config --global Name
git config --global [email protected]

Step 2: Add the Signed-off-by line with the '-s' flag in the git commit command:

$ git commit -s -m "This is my commit message"

2. GitHub website You can also manually sign your commits during GitHub reviews and suggestions, follow the steps below:

Step 1: When the commit changes box opens, manually type or paste your signature in the comment box, see the example:

Signed-off-by: Name < e-mail address >

For this method, your name and e-mail must be the same registered on your GitHub account.


Apache License 2.0.


Do you have any question about Horusec? Let's chat in our forum.

This project exists thanks to all the contributors. You rock!

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